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There’s good reason for President Donald Trump to complain about the election results. America’s election integrity ranks below our nation’s peers, and it is even considered less trustworthy than some developing countries.

In a commentary published by Washington, D.C.’s The Hill newspaper, National Center President David A. Ridenour notes:

There’s no question that election irregularities occurred this year. The only question is its scale. The cloud that hangs over the election is unsettling to the American people. And it certainly isn’t fair to Joe Biden.

While liberals and the media castigate President Trump and his supporters for not wanting to accept the election results, David points out that it is the practices and policies championed by liberals and the media that cause the American electoral process to be in disrepute.

For example, there were several very evident perilous factors going into the election that should have raised concerns:

  • The Public Interest Legal Foundation reported that 349,773 dead people were registered to vote in 41 states.
  • Ten states mailed out unsolicited ballots, including to tens of thousands of people known to be dead or to have moved.
  • The Pennsylvania Supreme Court unconstitutionally rewrote voting rules to extend deadlines for accepting ballots, while also hindering ballot-security measures.

After voting ended, more concerning behavior emerged:

  • Many ballot-counting operations were tainted by the fact that observers were stationed too far away from the action to do their jobs, and sometimes were not present during the counting.
  • Prominent liberals suggested that people “move” to Georgia to register and vote in the upcoming runoff election, even if they don’t plan to remain there afterward.

And now many of these same people and groups who caused these problems are claiming there is no evidence of voter fraud.

This is why David asserts that there is a need for election reform:

Congress has the authority to regulate congressional elections – and, indirectly, presidential elections – through Article 1, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution. It’s time for Congress to step up to the plate and show bipartisan support in restoring the integrity of our voting process.

To read all of David’s commentary – “A Cloud Hangs Over the Election But Don’t Blame Trump Supporters” – click here to go to The Hill’s website.

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Author: David Almasi