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On an episode of the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Project 21 Chairman Horace Cooper was brought into a discussion contrasting President Biden with former President Trump.

When discussing the previous evening’s star-studded fundraiser for President Biden, Horace told guest host Jason Chaffetz and fellow panelists Tammy Bruce and Karoline Leavitt:

What we saw last night was the president’s let-them-eat-cake moment.

Millions of Americans are suffering because of the mismanagement of this economy. I say this frequently: We’re seeing record numbers of foreclosures. People are having their cars repossessed. We are seeing a silent job loss, because the reports are now showing that the actual growth in employment is in part-time jobs, not in full-time jobs.

It is totally and completely unseemly in this economic environment for our president to say that we’re going to try to set a record for the amount raised. No money to help people buy eggs and bacon. No money to make sure that people can afford gasoline.

When President Trump was in charge, millions of Americans, the majority of Americans, succeeded. They prospered. They were able to purchase cars. They were able to get homes.

It is remarkable the divergence between the real priorities of this president that we have, and his challenger, former President Trump, who was willing to take time [for] that slain officer’s family. What a contrast.

Author: The National Center