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“It may be worthwhile to consider what a genuinely neutral, nonpartisan ESG might look like,writes Free Enterprise Project (FEP) Director Scott Shepard in his latest commentary for Real Clear Markets.

Scott ShepardBefore providing hypothetical examples of neutral ESG parameters, the column first lays bare the current partisan nature of ESG. “ESG, however it is framed by its supporters, is not an effort to achieve any sort of objective sustainability, or to advance all stakeholders, or to improve society in broadly agreed ways.” Scott writes. “It’s just pushing a hard-left agenda that mirrors pretty exactly the goals of leftist professors and ‘progressive’ politicians.”

In contrast to recent declarations by numerous corporations that they will allow employees to relocate to states where abortion is fully permitted, Scott determines what a neutral ESG policy of the sort would be: “The neutral, nonpartisan version of this policy is easy to outline: all employees are permitted to move, if they wish – no questions asked – to the state the laws of which best fit their own personal policy preferences,” he writes.

Ultimately, the column also analyzes if “such a project [politically neutral ESG] is possible: whether bringing ESG within corporate executives’ legal fiduciary duties can be managed under any circumstances.”

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Author: Ethan Peck