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How have companies like Anheuser-Busch and Target drifted so far to the left that they seem tone deaf to the values of their consumers?

Free Enterprise Project (FEP) Director Scott Shepard talked recently with Stella Escobedo of the One America News Network about the this leftward shift, and what FEP is doing to fight back.

Scott described how global powerhouses have pressured smaller corporations to implement policies that are not just leftist and offensive to many consumers, but actually discriminatory, unconstitutional and destructive:

So many American corporations, under pressure from investment house BlackRock, State Street, and the too-big-to-fail banks that have no business discriminating against anybody, are discriminating on the basis of race, sex and orientation in violation of the Constitution.  They’re picking sides in the most important, most vital and most hot-button fights in America, including Target giving over its storefronts to transgender-supporting merchandise and bringing in the Satanists in support of transgenderism — which I don’t think cuts the way that Target thinks it does.

So we’re seeing bending the knee at these corporations to the far left, all the way across the board, in absolute agreement with the Biden Administration.  We’re starting to see it cost these corporations an absolute fortune.

Another aspect of this problem is what FEP has termed “corporate incest,” and Scott explained what that looks like:

All of these companies that are moving in lockstep to the left are moving in lockstep to the left in large part because they have the same members on their boards. You have BlackRock employees sitting on boards of other companies pretty much just telling them what to do, because the clients of BlackRock are such big investors, and leftwing troublemakers on board after board after board.  So one of the things we have to do to get real capitalism back in this country is to break up the corporate incest on company boards, and have each company running itself for the benefit of its shareholders.

FEP has been busy this spring presenting dozens of proposals at corporate shareholder meetings on a variety of issues, including corporate board incest.  Scott told Stella about FEP’s unique proposal at Walmart over its racist (and likely illegal) Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) policies:

Walmart has been very aggressive in patting itself on the back for the fact that it’s embraced equity, that it’s discriminating on the basis of race, sex and orientation in hiring. Now they have excuses for that, but the excuses don’t matter at law.

So what we’ve asked them for is: While you’re busy reporting your diversity statistics as though that’s great instead of violative of law, why don’t you tell us in great detail the statistics of the people being laid off?  If it turns out that there’s statistical overrepresentation of men and white people in those groups, that’s additional evidence that you’re breaking the law, and that’s something you have a duty to share with shareholders because it increases the potential risk and liability for the corporation.

Scott and Stella concluded their conversation by discussing FEP’s proposals that have challenged social media companies on their policies regarding requests from government entities to censor and/or suppress information:

The Biden Administration has essentially been giving them instructions at Facebook, at Twitter before the transfer, at YouTube which is owned by Google owned by Alphabet.

These companies are getting marching orders from this administration to take down various kinds of content, and to call it misrepresentation or disinformation, when in fact everybody along the line knows that what’s being taken down is true or at least protected opinion under the First Amendment. But it violates the administration narrative, it violates the leftwing ESG narrative, and so they take it down.   And in saying that it’s disinformation, they’re committing libel, they’re committing slander against those they call liars.

Author: The National Center