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After starring in the movie “Spotlight,” which chronicled revelations about sexual abuses and their coverup within the Catholic Church, actor Mark Ruffalo said the “hypocrisy” highlighted by the movie “chilled [his] relationship” with the church. Yet, after the not guilty verdicts in the Kyle Rittenhouse case, the same Mark Ruffalo tweeted that the jury’s decision “devalued the lives of Anthony [Huber] and JoJo [Rosenbaum].”

Yet Huber and Rosenbaum, two of the men who attacked Rittenhouse – forcing Rittenhouse to shoot at and kill both of them in what the jury determined was legitimate self-defense – were both convicted felons. Huber was guilty of domestic abuse. Rosenbaum was a registered sex offender for crimes involving children. Yet Ruffalo affectionately referred to the sex offender by his nickname.

On Dan Bongino’s “Unfiltered” program on the Fox News Channel, Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper called the left’s habit of making even the worst of the rioters – in Kenosha, Minneapolis and elsewhere – into heroes because they share a political affinity “more than bizarre.” He noted:

The record of destruction and mayhem that has been wrought on so many communities in urban centers – particularly communities of color – would make you think that individuals like members of Congress or in the mainstream media would say: “OK, we’ve got to be very, very careful. Let’s be more precise. Let’s pick people that we’re gonna celebrate.”

Instead, they literally take what others overwhelmingly would refer to as human refuse.

To celebrate a child rapist is not the model that we should celebrate. Regardless of the circumstance, the best you can do is say: “Let’s put that to the side and we’ll talk about it later.” In this case, you have a criminal record that is unbelievably long. And criminal action that the jury [was shown] and believed let to his ultimate death. This is not a person to celebrate… in any way.

Answering to Bongino’s speculation that leftists are willing to befriend and defend anyone who is seen as an ally in pushing their radical agenda, Horace said that their strategy seems to be: “Go Into the Gutter.” And they’re engaging in rhetorical doublespeak:

You know, they’ve coined a phrase they’ve made up. It’s called “antiracist.” And what it really means is “racist.” It doesn’t mean “anti.”

What it means is if you’re for equality – like you and I – if you believe all citizens are equal before the law – like you and I – you’re the problem. It’s the antiracists who are opposed to all of that. And the only reason they can really be opposed to that is because they are racist. They’re bigots.

And they say that they can look at you and they can look at me and that’s all they need to see. And they can pick who they favor. That’s Bigotry 101.

Since virtually the moment Rittenhouse defended himself against Rosenbaum, Huber and others last August, the leftist narrative against the 17-year-old Rittenhouse has been brutal. Bongino asked Horace, a former constitutional law professor, if liberal politicians and the media are “just building this case for Rittenhouse to sue them for defamation.” Horace suggested:

[Rittenhouse] was a minor when this case came about. Many of the statements occurred, and they didn’t include any of the facts that were charged. He’s not charged with vigilantism. He’s not charged with being a white supremacist. None of the things that people like then-candidate Joe Biden were saying, the New York Times or MSNBC were saying.

And now there’s been an acquittal. I tell you what, I bet… [Rittenhouse is] sitting around and he’s just wondering… when will the settlements come in.

“If I had to pick between the two people to represent as an attorney,” Horace said, “Kyle Rittenhouse would be the side I’d join.”

Author: David Almasi