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New polling reports that – in a stark difference from two decades ago – the American people think race relations are horrible.

Donna Jackson

Project 21 Director of Member Development Donna Jackson suggests that these results come by design and at the hands of those who are allegedly decrying racism the most!

It’s all politics, she remarked during an Epoch Times interview.

While polling on race relations in 2001 found that 70% of surveyed adults thought America was doing a good job on race, a recent Gallup poll of a similar survey group found that 57% of people now consider race relations to be “somewhat” or “very” bad.

These figures come after more than a year of intense focus in the media on racial tensions, claims by activists that America is systemically and historically racist and politicians who are grandstanding on notions of “equity” guiding public policy.

Epoch Times contributor Matthew Vadum asked Donna how this dynamic has impacted public opinion:

There is a perception “right now that whites are born evil, that they’re irredeemable, that everything that whites do is to oppress minorities,” Jackson told The Epoch Times.

The biggest problem is that “a lot of people want that narrative because they get to keep the power.”

The country’s racial problems are “more perception than reality, and I think it’s on purpose that a lot of individuals want to keep that perception in order to keep people apart in real life.”

“People are more alike than they’re different,” Jackson said.

Critical race theory, which “goes against everything that Christianity and Judaism preach,” is playing “a big part” in driving people apart, she said.

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Author: David Almasi