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Masks are off! Did they ever need to be on that long?

Angry liberals are lamenting a federal judge’s ruling that struck down the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s mask mandate for federally regulated transportation. The Biden Administration is appealing the ruling.

Meanwhile, some liberals are pointedly wearing their masks – something they are fully allowed to do.

In a panel discussion on the “Fox News @ Night” program, Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper blamed timid politicians for allowing regulators to run roughshod over liberty. “All of this came about because Congress and a lot of state legislatures failed to take the actions that our founders set up and gave them the authority to do,” Horace explained.

He said elected lawmakers had an obligation “to meet, vote and decide what policies we’re going to have.” But, he remarked: “They punted, and they pushed this off to another agency.”

Commenting on the fallout from the judge’s ruling striking down the mask mandate, he added:

Progressives are unhappy about it, but I celebrate that a judge stood up and said: if it’s so vital, if the science is so clear, why don’t you then call a session and have a vote – let’s get an up-or-down [vote].

And he said there’s a lesson to be learned:

All of the draconian rules – not just the mask – shutting down churches, shutting down restaurants. If legislators actually were told you’re gonna come in and you’re gonna vote, all of those policies would fail. That’s a sign of their saliency.

In response, liberal talk radio host Leslie Marshall complained: “I don’t wanna hear from the politicians on this or the judges. I want to hear from the medical professionals on this and see what the majority of the medical profession says.”

“That’s exactly wrong!” Horace exclaimed.

Making his case was fellow panelist Dr. Janette Nesheiwat. A member of the medical profession, she pointed out:

I think that vaccination and good ventilation is more effective than a flimsy surgical mask or a gaiter.

You need to take personal responsibility and understand your rights…

We cannot wear masks in perpetuity. Know your risk to protect yourself… This is a good step toward normalcy. A good step toward regaining our freedoms and also conquering COVID. We need to accept that.

Author: David Almasi