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Seeking a way to beat the coronavirus pandemic and ease the pain of those suffering from the virus, the White House has mentioned drugs including hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin as promising treatments. In response, the left and the media appear committed to an all-out assault on the medications.


Project 21 member Deroy Murdock castigated the left and the media in no uncertain terms for possibly denying a way back to health for those with the coronavirus during a recent interview on the Annie Frey Show on St. Louis’s KFTK:

I hate to say this, but it’s true. A lot of these people [in the media] proved what President Trump has said a number of times – they have become the enemy of the American people.

Never at a loss for words, but clearly finding it hard to comprehend how badly those in the media are acting right now, Deroy added:

I’ve never seen a display like this. This is extraordinary. And these people just seem to be rooting for this possible treatment – which has shown some promise anecdotally, and there have been a couple of small studies that showed it improved peoples’ conditions – they almost seem to be rooting for it to fail.

There is currently no known cure for the coronavirus. The only way to try to stop it thus far has been the self-isolation that is harming the American economy and the constitutional rights of its citizens. President Trump isn’t ordering these drugs to be used as treatment or holding them above any other treatment options, but is suggesting that the anecdotal evidence that’s been presented makes them good candidates for further investigation. There is also “right to try” legislation that was signed into law during his presidency that allows for the use of unproven drugs in crisis situations.

“Everything that’s being tried now is experimental,” Deroy noted. But, as he also noted, the media and the left seem to be going out of their way to criticize hydroxychloroquine in particular in an effort to go after President Trump politically. It’s almost as if they want him to fail despite the terrible collateral damage that would be associated with such a victory.

Deroy said:

I support a woman’s right to choose… to use hydroxychloroquine, possibly with azithromycin, to write off the coronavirus…

I’ve heard from the left all the time [that] women ought to be able to control their bodies, this is a decision between women and their doctors and possibly their families [when it comes to abortion], yet you’ve got CNN and MSNBC and the left behaving as badly as I’ve seen them in my 56 years.

It’s one thing to see them on the other side on tax cuts or some spending program or maybe some diplomatic matter. But you actually – literally – have Americans dropping dead… not losing a check or maybe missing out on a job opportunity. These are people who are going to be in caskets and lowered into the ground if they’ve not been already.

And in that situation, rather than do what they can to let people have that information and let them talk to their doctors and determine whether this is a good treatment/not a good treatment under the circumstances and given that information, people on the left are telling people “don’t take this,” mocking the President, mocking this treatment. And it seems as if they are almost rooting for it to fail just so they can laugh at Trump – even if that means Americans are going to drop dead as a consequence.

To put this serious and scandalous behavior in perspective, Deroy explained how the media’s power and the trust it has cultivated with the public is now apparently being abused at the peril of the American people:

This is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen out of the American media, and this proves they are the worst people in the country.

The worst people in the sense that you don’t expect the mafia or the MS-13 to do good things – really have much of a capacity to do good. These people in the media – MSNBC, CNN, the so-called paper of record Washington Post – they are college-educated, they are well-spoken, their ability to communicate is much greater than it is for most people. And they have wonderful, beautiful, wide-ranging  platforms to get people information so they can do the right thing in terms of health and other things. And rather than do that – or present a balanced story… Instead, you’ve got them saying “Oh, this is snake oil. This definitely will not work.”

When it comes to picking a side in the fight against the coronavirus, Deroy suggested the left and the media’s hatred of President Trump has also put them at odds with the health and welfare of the American people:

They hate Donald J. Trump more that they hate the COVID virus and more than they love their fellow Americans. A ghastly display. These are the worst people in the country. Horrible, total monsters.


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Author: David Almasi