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When it comes to the appointment of Supreme Court justices, “[t]he media’s treatment of a liberal nominee versus a conservative nominee has been a study in stark contrasts these past weeks.”

Horace Cooper

In an American Greatness commentary, Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper compared the treatment of Biden Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson to sitting Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. As coverage of Judge Jackson has built her up as “unassailable,” it is a far cry from the treatment that Justice Thomas received upon his nomination, the infamous confirmation process and his entire tenure on the Court.

This, Horace wrote, confirms “the hypocrisy and double standards of the corporate left-wing media.”

“Even grading on a curve,” Horace noted, “it is clear she’s a subpar candidate.” During Judge Jackson’s confirmation hearings, her ties to Critical Race Theory, sympathy for convicted child pornographers and inability to define a woman that put her supporters on the defensive did not get the coverage that it merited. Doing so would obviously prove her unsuitability for the Supreme Court:

Jackson rejects the notion that the Constitution is a contract and should be interpreted the way the ratifiers understood it. Instead, she thinks it impedes the woke agenda. Thomas, then and now, understands that a judge must not impose his own views and must carefully ensure that the rulings are based on the contours of the Constitution.

If Thomas had held idiosyncratic views on child pornography or race, there would be a media frenzy to discredit his confirmation. In fact, it was precisely because of the remarkable job he did during his formal confirmation hearing that the Anita Hill smear ultimately took place.

Noting that Joe Biden “said explicitly during the 2020 campaign and again following Justice Stephen Breyer’s retirement announcement in January that race was the only rationale in Jackson’s selection,” Horace lamented that the media is ignoring that “[s]he was selected precisely because of her race and her progressive views, not for her skills as a jurist”:

Under normal circumstances, her views would never be considered for the nation’s highest court. But as Joe Biden continues to hit record lows in his approval ratings and is bleeding minority support at alarming rates, he knew it would be politically advantageous to select a woke black woman to the Supreme Court.

And the differences between Judge Jackson and Justice Thomas, Horace wrote, cannot be more stark:

Clarence Thomas will be recognized one day as the most influential judge of the 21st century. Ketanji Brown Jackson will be an asterisk.

Ye the media treat Judge Jackson as if she is a celebrity. Then again, she one to them.

To read all of Horace’s commentary – “Confirmation Bias” – in its entirety, click here.

Author: David Almasi