It has been a week and a half since the mass shooting Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. The news coming out about the incident only continues to worsen. The loss of life is a tragedy no matter who it is, but the worst thing about this shooting is that it could have been prevented, and once it started it could have been aborted.


First, we have the FBI, which obtained information on the shooter, but did nothing about it. They claimed they couldn’t because the threats he made on his YouTube videos to shoot up the school could not be traced to a specific person. But, the gunman used his REAL name! How does the one authority we have that could have actually done something refuse to do so? I understand we don’t want our federal government overreacting to every statement ever made in haste or anger. But, when someone goes through the trouble of posting threats online, it goes beyond something harmless said in anger to a friend.

Scot Peterson

Former Deputy Scot Peterson first got his 15 minutes of fame when we learned he hid outside the building while the gunman terrorized the students he was supposed to protect.Then, we found out it was even worse than we thought. He no only hid outside, he had information on an incident that occurred with the gunman as recently as 2016, but he refused to cooperate and give any information to Department of Children and Families when questioned. You can read more in this article at Daily Wire.

Three Deputies

Three additional deputies joined Peterson while the shooter was still inside, carrying out his evil act. You can also read more about this on Daily Wire. Only time will tell if the reasoning of these four deputies will come to light. What were they doing while they hid behind their vehicles? Did one of them go up to the school and at least look in a window? Why didn’t they all split up and go to different entrances? Surely the gunman couldn’t have gotten them all ┬áif they had split up and surrounded the building.

The Media

The media–CNN, specifically–has been accused of scripting interviews with students on both sides of the gun debate in order to get the February 14 shooting to fit their narrative. CNN, of course, denies this, but their credibility was blown a long time ago. They have a far-reaching reputation for setting up fake circumstances and scripting their interviewees. So, when they deny such allegations, I for one do not believe them. I am much more inclined to believe the ROTC member making the accusations. I am much more likely to believe, well, pretty much anyone but them. The reports against CNN just come from too many different types of people and in too many different situations and tragedies. This shooting is just one of many. The difference is that the subjects of their scripted news are speaking out faster and more boldly than any of their past victims have in the past. It only further damages CNN’s reputation to get into an active dispute with a teenager in their efforts to deny the allegations.

So, what are the citizens to do for protection when the government wants to take away their right to bear arms yet the people who are supposed to be trusted to serve and protect cower like a cat in a room full of rocking chairs?

The answer is not to take away citizens’ guns. The answer is to arm them and train them properly to back up and support law enforcement when the need arises.