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As you might expect, ambassadors with our Project 21 black leadership network have been all over the media these last few days to discuss the U.S. Supreme Court striking down affirmative action in higher education admissions.

On the Real America’s Voice program “Stinchfield Tonight,” Project 21’s Curtis T. Hill, Jr., former attorney general of Indiana, shared his legal perspective on what he hopes the Supreme Court’s decision means for our future:

What’s wonderful about this opinion is it sets the stage for what I think is inevitable: We need to start focusing away from the entire history of protected class, the concept of choosing one over the other. There’s no way that that’s equal. There’s no way that that’s equitable. So I see this as a first step towards gaining true equality under the law.

Project 21 Chairman Horace Cooper appeared on the Fox News Channel two nights in a row to discuss the decision.

On “Fox News Tonight,” Horace said those advocating for affirmative action are looking for an easy way to make themselves feel better instead of doing the harder job of ensuring all children receive a good education:

It’s a lot easier to wait til the end and get a guaranteed number and then pat yourself on the back and go out for your coffee or gather with your friends out in Aspen.

It’s hard work to make sure that fifth graders can do fifth-grade math and can do fifth-grade reading. But that’s what we need to do.

And on “Hannity, ” Horace said:

Government should never be telling people they have to have their race assessed before we can decide what benefits or detriments that we’re gonna have. We don’t need Plessy v. Ferguson. We need this Supreme Court.

Project 21 ambassadors have also discussed the SCOTUS decision on Newsmax TV’s “Frontline,” BEK News’s “Ladies of Another View,” WIBA’s Vicki McKenna Show, AM 1250 The Answer’s John Steigerwald Show, 800WVHU’s Tom Roten Morning Show, WFLA’s Preston Scott Morning Show, among many other TV and radio programs.

Author: The National Center