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Approximately 1,000 white people prostrated themselves in Bethesda, Maryland as a means of atoning for the death of George Floyd and recognizing (and apologizing for) their perceived racial privilege.

Yes, that happened. It was part of a Black Lives Matter rally held in the affluent D.C. suburb.

Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper, in an appearance on the Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” called this assault on the principle of equality “evil” in a monologue that left the host speechless.

Asked to comment on the rally, in which white people literally laid face-down outside a public library, Horace said:

This is an example of an evil that persists through all of recorded history.

There has always been a group of people who want to claim they’re better than other people. Today’s woke mob needs to apologize to Bull Connor.

You see, all they’ve done is just sort of substituted who is supposed to ingratiate themselves. But the concept is the same – an evil one.

Our American system is an entirely different one – where all Americans are equal under the law.

Asked by Carlson if this sort of activity is essentially flipping the script of historic oppression and not fostering an equal racial relationship, Horace continued:

This is what history shows!

My grandfather, Oscar Johnson, when he was a young man, he was forced to ingratiate himself. He was forced to do things to humiliate himself.

But we know that it was wrong. Not because he was black, but because he was a citizen of the United States. What our friends in the media, in academia – the so-called woke community – need to understand is this principle of equality was hard-fought. And when America formed and developed and promoted it, it was something unique on the planet. Something that it’s not time, in the 21st Century, to walk away from.

A stunned Carlson replied to Horace:

Boy, I don’t think I can add to that. So I appreciate you saying that.

And, on that note, the show ended.

Luckily, you can! Right here:

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Author: David Almasi