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When University of Buffalo student leader Therese Purcell entered a men’s bathroom on her campus, it had nothing to do with protesting gender norms. She said she was “afraid for my life” while being chased by radical protestors.

Purcell and other members of her campus chapter of Young Americans for Freedom hosted a speech by former congressman and Army veteran Allen West. The topic was “America Is Not Racist.” A mob of leftist students sought to cancel the event leading West to use a police escort when leaving the campus after the protesters disrupted a post-speech meet-and-greet.

During that escort, Purcell was separated from West and the police. This is when she became a target. On the Fox News Channel program “Fox and Friends First,” she said: “I didn’t think it was gonna… be controversial to say on an American campus that American values are worth protecting.”

Yet it was Purcell who needed to protect herself at that moment. She reported being followed – and later chased – around the campus by a crowd that “wanted to capture me.” That’s when she sought refuge in a men’s bathroom. And that’s how she lost them and was spared their wrath.

Mike Hill

This assault on free speech and threat to a young woman’s safety enraged Project 21 member Mike Hill. Responding to the mob’s attempt to cancel freedom, he said:

The irony of this entire situation is stunning. A group of radical black leftist students cannot tolerate a conservative black speaker talking about why America is exceptional. It was full-blown ignorance on display. Compounding the irony was that it happened on a predominantly white college campus where they likely could not have attended just a little over 60 years ago because they are black!

The radical cancel mob doesn’t understand that racism cannot be systemic. It is a condition of an individual’s heart when they choose to hate another person simply because they have features that identify them with a group that isn’t theirs.  And skin color really has nothing to do with anything!  Ask the Hutus and Tutsis in Rwanda, or the Serbs and Croatians in Serbia!

Racism is evil, and it is not corrected by shouting down another person with legitimate views. Racism is only corrected by a change of heart that Christianity produces.

By the way, that’s what made America exceptional – putting the doctrines of Christianity into a political system in the form of our Constitution.

“This was no victory by these radical students,” Mike pointed out, “They are left to wallow in their own self-imposed ignorance.”

Author: David Almasi