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Despite their own privileged statuses, Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey are now pushing the notion that they are held back by white privilege.

Obama complained that she is suffering from a “low-grade depression” that keeps her up at night due to America’s racial problems. Her friend Oprah has begun pushing the premise of the new book “Caste,” which compares race in the United States to the social stratification of India and Nazi-era Germany.

Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper said “shame on them” for using race as a weapon – exacerbating problems in the same manner about which they are protesting.

Horace and Project 21 member Niger Innis appeared together on “The Ingraham Angle” on the Fox News Channel to discuss this peculiar situation in which two of the most prominent women in America are explaining to the rest of America that they feel held back.

Assessing Obama’s and Winfrey’s sizable wealth and power, host Laura Ingraham judged the ladies’ positions as “overall, pretty darn good.” As to their personal complaints about race, she added, “the fact that they are two of the wealthiest, most influential and most admired women – not only in the country, but the world – shows you just how absurd their pandering really is.”

Horace pointed out they are actually borrowing from the same kind of discriminatory racial mindset that they claim to abhor:

There are two things here.

On the one hand, as you mention, they are people living an experience that fewer than one percent – one-tenth of one percent – of the people on the planet are able to.

But the other is they are yielding to a temptation that we saw in the 20th century, and we saw in the 19th century. And that is that people gain political power – they gain salience – by attacking other people on the basis of their race.

It’s an evil way to operate. And shame on them for all of the amazing things America has been able to do, and they’ve benefitted from, for them to act in this way.

Niger, who also serves as the chairman of the Congress of Racial Equality, added that the pair are directing their rage at the very same people who have supported them and helped them rise to the exalted status they now enjoy:

Oprah Winfrey became a millionaire on the backs of suburban white women who watched her show by the legions. Michelle Obama is married to the man that got more votes from this racist caste system called America, got more votes than any political candidate got in the history of the United States…

You know, what’s really disheartening about all of this is Oprah came from the South. She comes – not far removed – from the Jim Crow era in the South when there was a real, palpable, concrete racial caste system against African-Americans.

And when they pretend to be billionaire victims, it’s an insult to my ancestors and to theirs.

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Author: David Almasi