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Texas state legislators fled to Washington, D.C. rather than be forced to act on voter integrity protections at home. Now the delegation is infamous as a super-spreader junket – with many of the rogue lawmakers having tested positive and having possibly infected the people they met with in the nation’s capital.

On the Newsmax program “Cortes & Pellegrino,” Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper remarked on this you-can’t-make-this-up situation: “$1.5 million for this little… COVID fiasco, based on a lie about voter ID.”

Horace pointed out that these unlucky lawmakers are actually helping those who oppose legislation in the U.S. Senate that would harm voter integrity efforts. And this is funny because promoting that legislation is one of the diseased delegation’s excuses for leaving the Lone Star State:

Bless their hearts…

They decide to demonstrate in front of God and everybody that they actually do believe in filibusters. They actually do believe that you should use all of the techniques of holding office in order to get your way. Even as the Washington Democrats say – no, we gotta throw out all of the rules. It’s unfair. It’s bigotry. It’s racism if you use the rules to stop bad public policy.

A key source of contention over election integrity efforts in Texas is how voter ID requirements are allegedly racist voter suppression. This prompted Steve Cortes to ask Horace: “Are you, as a black man, capable of keeping and furnishing ID?”

In response, Horace explained how opposition to voter ID is harmful to blacks because it both looks down on their abilities and leaves them open to fraud:

Of course I am. But here’s what I would say to them. They need to explain that to black America.

Black America, when asked by Gallup, said – two-thirds in some polls, some say as high as 79%, nearly 80% – we need ID, and we believe it’s a useful way to prevent potential vote fraud.

Guess what? When we, our organization – Project 21 – studied this issue of election fraud, we found out that minorities – particularly black Americans – were most likely to be victims. And guess who the victimizers were? They were left-wing…

Noting that some liberals have suggested that black Americans don’t want to or cannot take full advantage of common things like driving, shopping, writing checks or flying, Horace said their opposition exposes their deceit:

This desire to take away from people the right to decide for themselves is evidence to this whole lie that somehow requiring ID [is discriminatory]… This lie is all set up, and yet the president of the United States and the party of the left continue to embrace this.

With everything that has befallen the Texas lawmakers, Horace declared their efforts a failure. “They’re now about as popular as Typhoid Mary,” he said. “And I tell you what, they’re probably as likely to get a good meeting to discuss their issues with the president as Kamala Harris can.”

Author: David Almasi