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 By Judd Garrett

Do we need any more proof? Is any new evidence required? What they are doing to former President Donald Trump in this election cycle is proof that the last presidential election was corrupt. Trump was just ordered to pay E Jean Carroll $83 million in a defamation lawsuit for defending himself in the media against her politically motivated and baseless accusation of sexual assault. When Joe Biden was accused of sexual assault by Tara Reid, he accused her of lying, and nothing happened to him. When Bill Clinton was accused of sexual assault by multiple women, Hillary called those women “trailer park trash” and “bimbos”, and she had to pay nothing. Yet Trump has to pay $83 million in this defamation suit. 


The jury ruled in Ms. Carroll’s favor even though she didn’t bring in a shred of evidence to support her accusation. She produced no witnesses, no surveillance video, nothing, except her word which she changed on numerous occasions. She didn’t know the day, the month or even the year of the alleged assault. She changed which year it supposedly happened several times, giving Trump no way to disprove the accusation by accounting for his whereabouts. She said she was wearing a Donna Karan dress that had not been produced by the designer yet. Her entire story is eerily similar to a 2012 episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.  In a 1993 column of hers, she joked about having sex on the fourth floor of Bergdorf’s, the place where she claims Trump assaulted her. She only came forward with these accusations in 2019 – 25 years after the alleged incident occurred, and it happened to coincide with the release of her new book. 


In this case, Donald Trump was not “innocent until proven guilty”, he was not even “guilty until proven innocent” because the judge did not allow Trump to mount a defense to prove his innocence. After Judge Lewis A Kaplan handed down his unprecedented ruling, Donald Trump’s lawyer, Alina Habba said, “Before I walked into court, that judge decided that every single defense that President Trump had, we were not allowed to raise in front of the jury… There was no proof, and I couldn’t prove that she didn’t bring in the dress, there was no DNA. There were no experts. My experts were denied to come in… They didn’t let me bring up that Reid Hoffman funded Ms. Kaplan [Carroll’s lawyer, not related to the judge]. And you know what we got in there? That my witness who was her friend who said that she is a drug addict and the drug addict is herself. That friend… was paid for by Ms. Kaplan’s firm and that is disgusting. That is a violation of everything I stand for and that is why I stand with Trump… we are seeing a violation of our justice system.” Even if Donald Trump was guilty of defaming Ms. Carroll, how did they come up with the preposterous $83 million? How is that amount remotely justified? How did Trump calling her a liar cause her to lose $83 million dollars, especially since the publicity of making this accusation against Trump most likely improved her book sales.


Last year, Fox News paid Dominion $750 million in a defamation lawsuit because some of their news hosts suggested that their voting machines had malfunctioned and changed votes from Trump to Biden. Wasn’t that the same accusation that Democrats like Barbara Boxer and Donna Brazile made after John Kerry lost in 2004, and Hillary Clinton made after her 2016 Presidential election defeat, yet they were never sued for defamation. Prior to the 2020 election, NBC ran a story showing how easily voting machines can be hacked, and CBS did the same prior to the 2016 election, but neither of those news outlets were sued for defamation like Fox was. In fact, last week, an IT expert demonstrated in a Georgia courtroom how easily voting machines can be hacked, yet we still use those machines, and any conservative who questions the integrity of those machines will be forced to pay millions of dollars in a defamation lawsuit.


The outcomes of all these trials that Trump is facing are predetermined. This is how rigged the system is against Trump. Fani Willis, the Fulton County DA who indicted Trump on election interference charges in Georgia, hired her slip-and-fall lawyer boyfriend to lead the prosecution against Trump. She has publicly prioritized this case and pledged to “get Trump” when she campaigned for her office, but she hired someone completely unqualified to head up the prosecution, someone without any prosecutorial experience. If she was determined to get Trump – a mentality which is corrupt in itself – she would have appointed the most qualified prosecutor in the state to ensure that Trump was convicted. But she chose her unqualified boyfriend because she knew that even if she appointed the county dogcatcher to prosecute the case, Trump would be convicted by the rigged jury. Trump’s guilt is a fait accompli, a done deal.


If they are willing and able to rig the judicial system against Trump to prevent him from becoming President then they would easily rig the electoral system against him, especially after they changed election security laws to make it extraordinarily easy to commit voter fraud. Do you think the party that impeached Trump twice, falsely accused him of colluding with the Russians to get him thrown out of office, raided his home, indicted him on 91 charges, and are threatening to send him to jail for the rest of his life, would not stuff the ballot box to defeat Trump if given the opportunity? Of course, they would. We are watching election interference and rigging the election right in front of our eyes.


Former President Donald Trump is being forced to go through an unprecedented number of indictments, lawsuits and trials for any politician, yet former President Bill Clinton, whose name is all over pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s client list and flight logs, has not been indicted even once, and will never be indicted. He will not be arrested, or even questioned for his connection to the child trafficking ring. There is significantly more tangible evidence that Bill Clinton raped young girls on Epstein’s Island than there is that Donald Trump physically harmed E Jean Carroll in any way, but nothing will ever happen to Bill Clinton because the system is rigged. And that more than anything else is the reason why Donald Trump has become so popular. He is the mirror which exposes to the country the hideousness of how much our political system in Washington, DC has been corrupted. And that corruption has risen up to not only stop Trump, but destroy him, and in the process, the corrupt system is exposing itself to the world.

Author: Frances Rice