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Until now, the accepted narrative regarding the police-involved shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha was that he was unarmed. But this was recently deconstructed by Blake himself in a national television interview.

Yet USA Today editors refuse to correct their “fact check” that Blake was unarmed when he was shot, writing in a statement last week that their August 28 report remains true because it was based on “what is known at the time.”

When Fox News Channel host Laura Ingraham asked if it is “too much to ask” for the media to simply admit “gosh, we got that wrong,” Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper wryly responded that “we haven’t seen it yet.”

The police-involved death of George Floyd kicked off 2020’s string of Black Lives Matter-themed riots in which billions of dollars of property damage and several deaths were inflicted upon the American people. But a pattern of false claims misleading public perceptions about racially charged events – and fueling rioters, in particular – is not new.

“This narrative just repeats itself,” Horace noted during an interview about Jacob Blake on “The Ingraham Angle,” adding:

Even as early as the Obama Administration – even President Obama, the Department of Justice, several high-ranking Democrats and, of course, the mainstream media weighed in on many of these claims.

There were fires, there was looting and all manner of protest activities, only to see that apparently the only end result is a big payout to [attorney] Benjamin Crump. And later, we found out that either a dead person or shot person actually didn’t merit the criminal charges or investigation against the officers that had been pursued, because they had been lawfully encountering the individuals at the time.

Despite Blake’s recent admission that he reached for and was holding a knife during his confrontation with Kenosha police on August 23, Horace pointed out that the “bad cop” narrative is a key part of the left’s efforts to maintain allegations of America’s “systemic racism.” Ignoring or otherwise mitigating Blake’s confession is vital to maintaining the leftist narrative.

“The rioting – the mayhem – is essential to demonstrating ‘the truthfulness’ of the allegations made,” Horace said. “It isn’t the case that the allegations are true, and then there’s mayhem. It’s the case that you need the mayhem.”

And it is innocent, law-abiding citizens who are harmed in the end:

The real tragedy here is, as you identified, how many businessowners, how many homeowners have lost their lives as a result of the fake narrative that has been put forward.

You know, it’s $50 million in Kenosha, but the Insurance Industry of America says that it is half a billion dollars from just what happened this summer as a result of Black Lives Matter’s rioting.

Even as we’ve yet to see these cases turn around into actual either prosecutions or convictions.

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Author: David Almasi