Mason Weaver’s (Founder of Leave The Plantation Organization) documentary “The Power of Forgiveness” will be re-Broadcasted this August 2, 2020 on The Lifetime Channel Watch it Here. This short documentary traces the story of Mason Weaver, after a White Racist tried to murder him, leaving him permanently disabled to this day.

With the current anger and hatred towards racism (real or imagined) this story of recovery and forgiveness, is very timely.

What would happen if the Bloods forgave the Crips, or the Muslims forgave the Christians? What type of world would we be living in if the sons of the slaves could forgive the sons of the slave masters?

I was blessed when Dr. D. James Kennedy produced a biography of my life for his television program, “The Coral Ridge Hour.” It highlights my struggle with the anger and how I found complete release. As this nation struggles with past and present wrongs, this message may help us all adjust. Instead of punishment, reparation, or guilt, let’s try forgiveness.

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