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We’re not even through the first quarter of this election year but the Democrats and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media have managed to make it feel like a decade or so. By the time November gets here, we may all be somewhere on the other side of numb. 

Or in the throes of cirrhosis of the liver. 

I emerged from my weekend news hiatus to find one of the bigger out-of-context Trump-related hullabaloos we’ve ever seen. Because the MSM hacks are veracity averse — especially where Donald Trump is concerned — there have been a lot of those. 

Rick wrote about this one: 

Trump was railing against auto imports, promising a “100% tariff” on cars made outside the US.

 “We’re going to put a 100% tariff on every single car that comes across the line, and you’re not going to be able to sell those guys if I get elected,” Trump said. “Now, if I don’t get elected, it’s going to be a bloodbath for the whole – that’s gonna be the least of it. It’s going to be a bloodbath for the country. That’ll be the least of it.”

Is Trump really saying if he isn’t elected, there will be a “bloodbath”? Joe Biden thinks so. His campaign released a statement claiming Trump wants – you guessed it – “another January 6.”

Context is really overrated when there’s a false narrative to be created. 

Biden obviously can’t run on his record, so his handlers have him belching up “January 6” as often as possible. No doubt it’s a big hit with the low-info MSNBC crowd. The Dems think that their false insurrection fetish is going to be the shiny object that distracts Jack and Marge Onthefence in flyover country from the fact that they just paid too much for groceries and gas. That’s why Biden led off his State of the Union Adderall tantrum with J6 stuff.

It’s not going to work as well as they think. The people who are all-in on the J6 myth are already voting for Biden. I hope that they keep this nonissue front and center until the election. 

I have written on many occasions that Democrats behave as if none of us have internet. This particular bit of fiction is easily disproved by watching the few seconds of what Trump actually said. Over at RedState, my colleague Nick Arama details how the hoax developed so quickly.

The leftmedia Dem propagandists know that they have to create a lot of fake spin to help drag Biden across the finish line, and they have no worries about how tall the tales might end up being. They’ve used their untruthfulness about the “bloodbath” comment to play the idea that Trump and his supporters are just itching for some violence. 

The reality is that, if there is going to be any post-election violence, it’s going to come from the Left. Disgruntled Republicans don’t burn and loot things, despite the fact that the Biden FBI thinks they’re (we’re) all a red-flagged powder keg. 

Once again, the Dems and their media buddies are projecting. 

Trump’s shoot-from-the-lip extemporaneous speaking style provides the MSM types with a lot of fodder for spinning fantastical narratives. I happen to think that’s a feature, not a bug. Let them keep heading off to the Land of Make Believe for the next eight months. Preaching to the commie choir isn’t going to get them anywhere.

Trump and Republican candidates don’t have to resort to lying to make their points about Biden and the Democrats. They merely have to talk about the southern border and the economy. 

Over and over.