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Oops! Democrats may have just handed the benefits of their generations of indoctrination and programming to their arch-nemesis, Donald Trump. It looks like Big Left’s multi-generational grooming efforts to make certain groups of Americans see themselves as victims may be about to bite them so hard on the backside, they won’t be able to walk for decades.

Imagine you tell a group of people that they have been unfairly targeted, persecuted, kicked down, and arrested and jailed for years on end. Now imagine you accidentally create a super-compelling hero for them — only he’s not the Progressive savior you wanted them to worship, he’s the mega-victim with whom they identify.

The Left has made Trump into the ultimate outlaw. Trump already had a certain appeal — to men especially — with his globe-trotting magnate lifestyle, his golden real estate towers and huge private jet, and his drop-dead wife with smoldering eyes and a sexy accent. Then he became president, defeating the establishment in the process.

So the establishment came gunning for him, throwing every kind of politicized legal attack at him they could cobble together.

But they forgot that they had literally spent generations training their captive demographic supporters not to trust the system, especially not law enforcement. Whoops.

Trump is now the first presidential candidate who’s ever been badass enough to have his own mugshot. You can’t buy that kind of street cred. And not just any mugshot — it’s the fiercest portrait of righteous rage in the face of persecution in just about ever. It’s a total slay, as the kids say these days.

And the memes! It’s like 2016 all over again.

Think of the massive infrastructure the Left has built to brainwash underprivileged groups that cops are evil, violent thugs who get away with murdering politically undesirable people. Now check out the latest news from D.C.: Ashley Babbit’s killer, Capitol Police Lieutenant Michael Byrd, is getting promoted to Captain.

Maybe black lives don’t matter, but at least cops who kill black people go to jail. Meanwhile, officers are rewarded for taking MAGA lives. And more and more of those voters Democrats take for granted are starting to notice.

As this gentleman says, “These so-called blacks nowadays, we rocking with Trump, man. Even the youth — they know what time it is, man” (language warning):


Check out the Trump motorcade’s reception in Atlanta after his latest arrest:



Benny Johnson @bennyjohnson

Donald Trump driving through the urban, poor neighborhoods of Atlanta after his arrest & mugshot.

What happens next will shock you.

Trump gives people hope.

Libs want this video deleted.

The media want it censored.

You know what to do… 👊🏼 🇺🇸



Remember, Trump is the president who pushed through prison reforms — not Saint Barack, and certainly not daft, senile Uncle Joe.

Big Left has spent untold social capital convincing black Americans and other minorities that they are victims of a vast, evil, oppressive system. But the Left’s fatal flaw may be their failure to perceive that, with their over-the-top persecution of a political enemy, they’ve exposed themselves as that very system. And they’ve set Trump up as the ultimate anti-hero for the oppressed.