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Joe Biden has been doing Pennsylvania campaign events all this week, going to Scranton, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia. The race is basically neck and neck in Pennsylvania, according to the RCP average. Former President Donald Trump is up in all the other battleground states. 

A reporter in Scranton put Biden on the defensive, noting that when he drives around, he sees lots of Trump signs but “not very many Biden signs,” and asked whether he thought he was in trouble. Biden got ticked off and said, “You’re not driving in the right places, pal.” That “pal” is Biden’s tell that he’s mad. 

But that’s the problem that Biden faces right now. He may not want to acknowledge it, but there’s no enthusiasm for him. Many don’t want to vote for him. He’s losing support from black and Hispanic voters. Even Democrats on the left aren’t happy with him and may not end up voting for him over Gaza. That’s why his campaign has him running all over Pennsylvania. 

There were black voters in Pittsburgh who were Trump supporters. Newsmax reporter Addison Smith caught two guys who had a special message for Joe Biden there.



Addison Smith @AddisonSmithTV

People gather awaiting Biden’s arrival in Pittsburgh to show him their “Donald Trump is who we want” signs.



They’re doing this in Pittsburgh at a Biden event, so they’re pretty brave. But that says something right there — that folks are willing to put it out there like that. 

Biden was faced in Philadelphia with the anti-Israel folks who said they were going to be voting uncommitted. 

Smith also spoke with a guy who broke it down in terms that would resonate with everyone on Thursday in Philadelphia. He pointed out how they were having the event there for Biden and that there were a lot of Americans “struggling,” but Biden was helping illegal aliens, “When are you going to help American people?” he asked. 



Addison Smith @AddisonSmithTV

Black Philly voter says Biden’s made America “look like a joke.”

“We need Trump back.”



The voter then went into something that isn’t said enough now in media: that Biden made us “look weak” with his failed withdrawal from Afghanistan. “Now people don’t take us serious,” he said. “They look at us like a joke.” 

“On top of that, you’re not mentally capable of running the country, bro,” he said to Biden. 

He was asked by the Newsmax reporter, “Who is?” 

“Trump,” the voter declared. “He’s quick to push buttons, but that’s what we need. We need a hard fist for this country…Biden, he’s going through Alzheimer’s; he’s a joke. Trump? He don’t play around, man; he gets things done. You see action, man. We don’t need that POS in the office.” He then apologized for cursing. 

“We need Trump back because he got things done, and we see results,” the man exclaimed. 

That, in a nutshell, breaks it down to simple. I think it’s the thought pattern of many who will be voting for Trump, and that’s why Biden is in trouble. They know how much better they had it under Trump; they can compare the difference, and Biden comes up wanting on virtually every point.