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Looking at the Biden Administration’s relationship with federal law enforcement personnel along the southern border, Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper noted that “a ‘beer summit’ is not gonna fix this!”

Horace was referring to the 2009 debacle in which then-President Barack Obama declared before a national audience that police in Cambridge, Massachusetts “acted stupidly” when they arrested a friend of his during a police call. As Horace explained on the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” program on the Fox News Channel, Obama brought his friend, the arresting officer and then-Vice President Joe Biden together because “he ended up having to say: ‘OK, I guess I had this one wrong.’”

But there’s no way a beer can smooth over the relationship with the Customs and Border Patrol agents whose attempts to stop people from illegally crossing the border were compared to “times of slavery” by Vice President Kamala Harris and part of America’s alleged “systemic racism” by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. And President Biden only made matters worse, saying the agents “will pay” for their actions.

Those are actionable words. They were leveled at federal employees by their very senior supervisors.

Carlson was astounded by the way these law enforcement professionals are being treated – particularly since the claims about abusive behavior on the part of the agents have fallen apart. He said to Horace:

You’ve been around a while. You’ve watched politics in Washington. People have always lied. Politicians lie – it’s kind of what they do. But I don’t remember any time in American history where the lies were so obviously disprovable, they were so brazen, so aggressive. Where the propaganda didn’t even bow to the dignity of the people on whom it was aimed.

They aren’t even trying to convince you. They’re just yelling nonsense at you – demanding that you believe it.

What is this?!

Horace, a lawyer and former constitutional law professor, replied:

I’d like to be counsel for the Border Patrol representatives.

Because this type of disparagement – where there simply is no evidence, where there simply is no case, and where we have it on video – is the kind that deserves a substantial payment from the federal government to these individuals, along with an apology.

And, in a moment reminiscent of Peter Falk’s “Columbo,” Horace added:

And one last, really quick thing. Wait a second! Systemic?! I get confused. I thought “systemic” was the kind of racism where you couldn’t identify any particular bad actors.

Here, we’re having bad actors named. Falsely, but we have named them. But we’re gonna say that behavior – that’s not racism, that’s systemic racism.

I get so confused about all of the definitions that are occurring. But I guess, if you’re throwing the race card down, it doesn’t really matter what the facts actually are.

What further astounded Carlson was that the White House was using its prestige and power to bear down on its own workforce when that workforce was actively engaged in its mission – as he said it – to stop “foreign nationals committing an act of aggression against out county, intentionally breaking our laws.”

Horace said the media plays an important role in obfuscating what is really happening along America’s southern border:

If we had a real working media – one that was responsible, one that our founders intended to operate as a watchman for the American people so they could stay informed – you’d see people in the media go to the communities and just knock on the door and ask: “What is this like when you’re seeing people overrunning your yard, your community, your hospital? All of your facilities?”

Condemning the overall situation involving the demonization of the federal law enforcement community, Horace added:

This is amazing. The silence. And no accountability on the administration’s part at all. The number-one responsibility of the federal government is supposed to be to protect us from invasion.

They’re welcoming them, and offering them a bounty.

Author: David Almasi