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Illegal immigrants storm the U.S.-Mexico border, invade American communities, and commit crimes— yet they are rewarded with free healthcare, housing, and pre-paid debit cards. 

However, a 71-year-old woman is sentenced to one year in jail and ordered to pay fines of more than $200,000 just for praying in the Capitol building on January 6, 2021— only for 10 minutes. 

Rebecca Lavrenz, known as the J6 praying grandma on social media, was convicted Thursday after nearly 26 hours of deliberation by a 12-member jury. 

According to federal court records, she was charged with entering and remaining in a restricted building, disorderly conduct inside a restricted building with the intent to disrupt government proceedings, disorderly conduct on Capitol property, and picketing or demonstrating in the Capitol. 

However, court documents reveal that all Lavrenz did was follow a group of people into the building, went up a flight of stairs, spoke to a Capitol police officer, and then left the building.

Lavrenz said that when she went inside the Capitol for just 10 minutes with a group of other rally-goers, saying that she “felt God’s presence on me.”

“The whole reason I went to the Capitol was to pray,” she told The Gazette. “I didn’t get into this for myself, I was there to stand up for my country. God led me to go there and into the building to stand up for my First Amendment rights to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

Former President Donald Trump weighed in on the unconstitutional and unfair treatment of the woman, referring to Lavrenz as “one of Joe Biden’s J6 HOSTAGES!!”

Trump claimed that she has been “unfairly targeted” by the corrupt Biden Justice Department. In a Truth Social post, the 2024 presidential candidate included a link to a website where Lavrenz is trying to raise $100,000 for a legal-defense fund.

As of Thursday, the woman has raised nearly $32,000 for her legal expenses. 

She would have been the first person in a jury trial to be acquitted of charges related to Jan. 6 if Lavrenz had not been found guilty. 

“I’m going to make my voice so loud that if they try to put me in prison to shut it up, it won’t work,” she said. 



Rachel Campos-Duffy
What the hell is happening in America???!!!
Illegals who broke into our country aren’t in prison. Joe & Hunter Biden sold the country out to China. They aren’t in prison. BLM protesters who torched our cities didn’t go to prison. But a grandma who prayed in our Capitol on January 6 gets one year in prison!!!
This is too much. Is there not ONE Democrat who will say this is wrong?!
Monica Crowley
🚨 BREAKING: A Washington DC jury just found the “praying grandma” Rebecca Lavrenz guilty on all 4 counts.

She faces a year in prison.