I have been waiting all of my life for a president like Donald Trump – one who is not afraid, knows the direction he wants to go and has a vision for America. We needed rescuing from liberalism. Liberalism is an abusive belief system and oppressive ruler. Once it takes control, it will suppress freedom and prosperity.

Defeating the abuser requires sacrifice, and most of us are afraid of that sacrifice, so we go along with the abuse. But we always hope for someone to stand up to the suffocating burden of liberal rule.

President Donald Trump had everything and needed nothing. But the country his grandchildren would inherit was disturbing to him. The fear he had for his grandchildren is the same fear we all had for America. So when Trump put it all on the line, we put it all on the line with him. When he stood up to the noise, we also stood up to the noise. We recognized our leader, and we started following him.

In 2017, we had won the House and Senate, and won the majority of governorships. We saw the tax cut, stock market take off, consumer confidence up, unemployment lower, reducing ISIS to a real JV team, closing our border, opening oil drilling in Alaska and reducing liberal Democrats to just noise.

We began 2017 with riots, protests, “nasty women” and fear. We heard calls for impeachment, conspiracies, racism and bigotry. We did not flinch. They called us names. They tore up our streets, and they accused us of horrible things.

The year 2017 has been phenomenal to watch. A tremendous, forceful and swift move to the right caught everyone off guard. Liberalism can only exist in an atmosphere of fear, misery and oppression. Many subject themselves to it under pressure and oppression. But secretly they wanted freedom also.

Freedom arrived! Jobs are back, and so are the dreams of home ownership and the feeling of freedom across the nation. With this new atmosphere, even liberals are lifting their heads up and leaving the oppressive beliefs of liberalism.

Thank President Trump for all his accomplishments during his first year in office. Send him a FREE card of your choice. Go to ThankTrump.us

From the coal miners in West Virginia to the auto workers of Detroit, they have had enough. They understand how oppressive liberalism is. They want freedom and are wandering around looking for it.

The Republican Party was founded in this atmosphere. Strong people stepping up and confronting the wickedness of slavery. Delivering those who wanted to be free by way of a Safehouse lined up across the south, leading, feeding and bringing folks out of captivity.

I am traveling the country, speaking on this subject and proposing ways to reach the vast number of disillusioned liberal and freedom seekers. It would be a pleasure to meet you all in your city and share my vision with your group. The first meeting is in Raleigh, North Carolina, on Jan. 19, 2018.

Isn’t it funny that anything good for America, families and business is a negative for liberals? Some of the knee-jerk objections to the tax bill are predictable and revealing. They are against you controlling your life. They are fearful of Americans controlling their income, businesses and retirement planning.

Consumer confidence is very high because they are free from business regulations, income has risen, home ownership is high and folks are feeling good about the future. So why are liberals so alarmed? Why are they so negative about positive news? Because they are the party of poverty.

They celebrate high welfare numbers and decry low employment numbers. They believe you are not entitled to your money, but someone else is. They believe your income belongs to them because you are their slaves.

They want us to explain to them how we are going to pay them for a tax cut! They truly believe income is produced by government and government income is permanent, and without adjustment. There is not a thought amongst them that would even consider reducing the cost of government. They expect to continue to increase the expense of government programs.

The House passed the tax bill with zero Democrat support. Not one Democrat participated in the most sweeping tax cut in decades. That says a lot about the directions and priorities of the Democratic Party. Zero was the same number of Democrats who voted to free black folks who were enslaved. Slavery was never about color or race; it was about dependency and control. It is still about that today.

Republicans had surrendered the liberal slaves to liberals and never campaigned for the liberal vote. President Trump went to Michigan and West Virginia to free the slaves. If we go out and tell them, they will follow us out of slavery. If we don’t tell them, they won’t know. If we don’t lead them, they won’t go.

Liberal arguments and answers: “Tax break for the rich.” The rich pay the taxes. Everything the rich do with their money creates jobs. I want jobs.

“On the backs of the middle class.” The middle class works to produce what it buys. The more the middle class has to spend, the more jobs are needed. I want jobs.

“Give away to corporations.” The liberals think there will be a government check written to “Corporations” for this tax break. Corporations earn the money, it belongs to them. The government will take less. The corporation will create jobs. I want jobs.

“No guarantee corporations want to buy back stocks instead of investing in their business.” Who would make that guarantee? But whatever a corporation does, stock buyback, equipment, bonuses or advertising, will create jobs. I want jobs.

I have been waiting all of my life for a president who wanted jobs, not management. Freedom, not servitude. And safety, not fear. On Trump’s first anniversary, we are meeting in Raleigh, North Carolina for a free rally. Join us and renew your pledge to Make America Great Again.

Thank President Trump for all his accomplishments during his first year in office. Send him a FREE card of your choice. Go to ThankTrump.us