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On the Fox News program “The Ingraham Angle,” Project 21 Chairman Horace Cooper and host Laura Ingraham discussed the woke viruses infecting the U.S. military and State Department.

Regarding poisonous anti-white racial statements being tolerated at the Pentagon, Horace said:

We’d better all start learning Mandarin pretty quickly, because the greatest fighting force on earth may not continue to be the American military. If these wokesters continue to get their way, they are promoting racism. This is 21st-century-style racism, but it operates a lot like early 20th century racism. It has just changed who the person is who is being targeted.

Our military doesn’t need racial division. What we need is a focus on a winning strategy.  I need our military, and our people need our military, to not just be the greatest fighting force on the planet. We need other countries to change their behavior because they fear this fighting force. A woke fighting force is a joke fighting force.

Of course, government wokeness isn’t limited to the Pentagon.  The U.S. State Department is also guilty, recently prioritizing “equity” in its budget requests.

Horace responded:

When our team of negotiators is more focused on how many people of a transgender status, how many people of a minority status, …that is time and energy lost.  Why haven’t we come up with a solution to resolve the Ukraine conflict? Because our State Department doesn’t have its eye focused on what’s necessary. The China conflict is real. It’s headed our way, and if we’re not paying attention, we’d better start learning to speak Mandarin.

Author: The National Center