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Public school students in California and New York are among the newest test subjects for liberal campaigns against “disinformation” and “hate.” Of course, Governors Gavin Newsom and Kathy Hochul say their efforts to teach kids to target and combat conservative media sources are simply lessons in “media literacy.”

On the Fox News program “Jesse Watters Primetime,” Project 21 Chairman Horace Cooper told guest host Kayleigh McEnany:

This is really, really sad. I wish I could say it’s surprising.

Instead of seeing to it that our eighth graders can read on an eighth-grade level — heck, maybe even read on a fifth-grade level! — they’re gonna waste time on this woke indoctrination.

The left has broken the contract that the American people have, our societal contract, with public education. We welcomed public schools as a country because they were going to reinforce the values of what it means to be an American.

Instead, they’re trying to turn all of our children — at least in these dark blue states — into woke social warriors.

They won’t be able to read the diploma when they graduate, and they’ll find they’re completely and totally unemployable.

Now this is great if you want a new class of Americans that can only rely on a welfare check. But it has nothing to do with the American story of people growing up, rising up and succeeding in the greatest place in America.

Author: The National Center