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Free Enterprise Project Director Scott Shepard has to give it to George Soros:

If I were setting out to destroy not only the United States but the whole of the Anglosphere — the whole of the English-speaking world, the world that gave us democracy and free trade and solid growth and all of the things that are propelling modernity and propelling liberty — I can’t think of anything I’d do differently than what he’s been doing for the last forty years.

On One America News Network, Scott told host Stella Escobedo that Soros is at least partially to blame for countless troubles across the Western world, including the decline of the British pound and Britain’s conservative government, the rise in gender dysphoria among American students, attacks on election integrity measures such as voter ID laws, and support for district attorneys who refuse to punish criminals.

Scott has been thinking about the Soros problem for a very long time, resulting in a recent RealClearMarkets commentary entitled “Elon Musk is Right About George Soros’s Efforts to Wreck the Anglosphere.”

“In every conceivable way, he’s tearing down the American republic and those of our English-speaking cousins,” he told Stella.

Author: The National Center