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In response to the indictment of Former President Donald Trump by a Manhattan grand jury, legal commentator and Project 21 Chairman Horace Cooper released this statement:

We at Project 21 strongly condemn the abuse of power by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. This indictment isn’t just unprecedented, it is wholly unjustified.

Sadly, this is just another example of an effort by progressives to undermine basic American institutions — this time it’s our criminal justice system. The attacks in the past have harmed so many of our institutions — faith, family and patriotism — and they have caused Americans to lose confidence in them.

This outrageous breach of constitutional norms not only injures our criminal justice system, but also gives license to those in other countries whose tyrants abuse their own criminal justice system.

Using indictments to settle political scores has no place in America. We call upon the New York State Court system to end this kangaroo court. We also ask that Congress immediately begin an inquiry into the origins of this political prosecution.

Author: Horace Cooper