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Fox News host Jesse Watters honored Project 21 Chairman Horace Cooper by inviting him to appear on “Jesse Watters Primetime” during the first week the show took over the primetime 8 pm ET time slot previously held by Tucker Carlson.

During the program, Jesse and Horace discussed Vice President Kamala Harris’s vocal opposition to Florida’s educational curriculum regarding black history and especially slavery.

Horace provided several inconvenient truths that Harris has either overlooked or is choosing not to embrace:

This reminds me of the Don’t Say Gay bill, where we completely mischaracterized for our own purposes what is happening in the state of Florida. I don’t believe the vice president cares. I don’t believe the vice president is interested in the truth about the curriculum. The vice president is more interested in creating a wedge.

It is essential that if we have courses on America’s history, that we tell the whole story. And the whole story about slavery is, one, that slavery began eons before the existence of America.

It’s also true that from 1500-1700, there were more Europeans being held as slaves than there were blacks.

It’s also true that it was unjust and unfair when it happened in America. But America, like the whole western society, ultimately rejected it. And now to be black is to be an American, one of the most successful opportunities for any human being on the planet….

Black Americans have been highly resilient, just like the pioneers who came to this country. Black Americans, even during the depravity of slavery, were able to take the skills that they had to acquire assets and resources that they often used to pay to free their spouses or the mother of the children or even some of their children.

In fact, a real narrative of slavery in America will also mention that some 10-12% of all slaveholders in America from 1790-1850 were black! Again, we need a whole story, not one that divides us.

Author: The National Center