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In a call for election reforms and a more thorough investigation of the recent election’s results, Project 21 member Emery McClendon suggests there are “too many triggers that signal wrongdoing.”

Emery McClendon

The outcome of the presidential vote “defies common sense and logic,” Emery declares, adding:

It’s time to wake up and realize just what is at stake here. It’s time to ensure that we will continue to live and work for a better tomorrow for us, our children, and the world.

In a Politichicks commentary, Emery writes that the reported result of the election “does not reflect the current mood of the population.” He notes how “’glitches’ appear[ed] and flip[ped] the votes.” In other places, ballots “magically” appeared to help the perceived underdog. And the media “refuses to give fair coverage” and “ignore[s] those who disagree” with its declaration of a certain winner:

What have we come to in America? Have those who want to fundamentally transform America into Socialism lowered themselves to such a low degree that they will sacrifice the greatest nation on earth to achieve their selfish goals?

Emery contends that people “have been tricked, misled and played on,” noting:

It’s sad that those who have lived in freedom and liberty have been so easy to brainwash and have been led astray. What is it that Socialism has to offer that is so  enticing? Is it the promise of a chicken in every pot, the free so called healthcare, reparations, open borders, or just the promises of a eutopia?

Whatever it may be, the American people need to wake-up and take another look at and taste of freedom and our Founding Principles. There is a world of prosperity at stake.

“Are we really willing to throw it all away,” Emery asks, “after we have witnessed such a great period of comeback for our nation over the last four years?”

But he also contends that people will not be fooled forever. He is pushing for further investigation of election processes to stop fraud. The first edition of Project 21’s “Blueprint for a Better Deal for Black America” recommended election reforms including requiring photo identification and citizenship for voting, cleaning up voter lists and more. A new edition of the Blueprint with further election reform recommendations is due out early in the new year.

To read all of Emery’s commentary – “What Have We Got to Lose?” – at the Politichicks website, click here.

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Author: David Almasi