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By Andrea Widburg | American Thinker

Image: Harrison Floyd. GiveSendGo photograph.

If only Harrison Floyd’s first name were George. If only he’d been a convicted felon who passed a counterfeit bill, filled himself with illegal drugs, and resisted arrest If that were the case, he’d have had millions of dollars flowing to him from Hollywood and Democrat politicians, and he’d have been a media hero. However, Harrison Floyd isn’t a thug of color. Instead, he’s a retired Marine vet, living with his family and getting by on his pension. And he’s also a black Trump supporter, which is why he’s rotting in a Fulton County jail.

One of the important things to remember about all this Democrat criminal lawfare against anyone who dared support Donald Trump is that it’s intended to destroy them economically. A great lawyer can cost close to $1,000 per hour (although, if he’s decent, he’ll hand the work to young lawyers and paralegals who will cost $300-$400 an hour). A good lawyer will cost about $400 an hour. A mediocre lawyer will cost about $250 per hour.

What this means for a client is that even a single court appearance on a simple matter (preparing documents, travel time, time spent in the courtroom) can result in a $1,000 to $4,000 bill. On a single complicated motion, you’re looking at $25,000 to $100,000 in legal fees. (Maybe more; I haven’t worked on a big case in about 15 years.)

If you’re rich, you can probably absorb this for years. If you’re middle-class, you can absorb this for months before your savings are exhausted, and you are no longer middle-class. And if you’re poor, you can’t afford this at all. Moreover, the public interest lawyers who line up to represent the George Floyds of this world tend to be leftists. They’re not going to volunteer their services for someone who dared to support Trump.

of those people who dared to support Trump is Harrison Floyd. He was
the director of Black Voices for Trump, which is the scariest
organization in America if you’re a Democrat. That’s because, while
blacks thrived economically under Trump, Biden has been a disaster for
them. His inflation has drained the middle class and left the poor even
poorer—and that means that blacks have seen whatever wealth they accrued
during the Trump years vanish. If a leading motivation for voting is
the economy, blacks have had the Biden economy pounding them into the

County DA Fani Willis isn’t the only one afraid of Floyd. Jack Smith
is, too, which is why Floyd was one of those in the crosshairs of Jack
Smith’s January 6 investigation. In that case, the FBI claimed that
he “yelled at, pushed and struck an agent who was serving a subpoena at
his Maryland home…” Floyd was charged with assaulting an FBI agent. Let
me act the role of a Fox News debate moderator: Raise your hand if you
trust the FBI’s version of events.

to his service in the Marine Corps, Floyd is disabled, so he and his
family are dependent on his pension. And while Biden’s illegal aliens
are getting floods of taxpayer money thrown at them, the same is not
true for disabled veterans. What this means is that Floyd was unable to
hire a lawyer to represent him when Fani Willis issued her indictments.
He did, however, fly to Atlanta, where he turned himself in. Turning
oneself in is not the hallmark of a flight risk.

looking at a disabled former Marine who paid the airfare to turn
himself in but is unable to afford a lawyer, Judge Emily Richardson* did
what judges do to Trump supporters, especially black ones—she reamed him:

represented himself and was the only one of the case’s 19 defendants
not to organize a bond agreement with state prosecutors before turning
himself in.

He told Judge Emily Richardson that legal counsel was too expensive, costing between $40,000 and $100,000.

“I can’t put my family in that kind of debt,” he said.

cited the open case as a reason to remand him to jail, and called him a
flight risk. She said the final determination on whether he will
receive bail is up to the judge who will handle his trial.

do find that based on the open charge against you there are grounds for
bond to be denied at this point,” Richardson said. “So I’m going to go
ahead and find that you are at risk to commit additional felonies and a
potential risk to flee the jurisdiction.”

Fortunately, Trump supporters have Floyd’s back. They learned that legal counsel has stepped forward to defend Floyd and created a GiveSendGo to help with his legal fees.
Within 24 hours, that fund had met the original $100,000 goal. Now, the
fund has raised the goal to $200,000. This isn’t greed. Given the
Democrat goal of breaking people economically with lawfare, in a case of
this magnitude, the money can easily be gone in two months.

donated my mite, and I feel quite good about having done so. What’s
happening to the defendants—a former president, along with his lawyers
and his supporters—should shock the conscience of every American. Their
lives are being destroyed for daring to question an election, something
that’s a time-honored Democrat pastime and, importantly, that’s a
hallmark of a free country. We all need to step up and make our voices
heard…and money talks.


*I’m aware that Judge Richardson was appointed by former Republican governor Nathan Deal. As we’ve seen, though, the Republican political class in Georgia hates Trump. Sundance explains what’s going on there.
I do not have evidence that Judge Richardson is a part of this
political class or that she shares its values, but it would explain her
thinking. Additionally, she was a long-time prosecutor, which may be
enough to explain her decision to accept the prosecution’s view of the

Author: Frances Rice