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John A. Fichthorn joined Maven’s Board of Directors in September 2018 and was elected chairman of the board in November 2018. He has served since April 2017 as Head of Alternative Investments for B. Riley Capital Management, LLC, which is an SEC-registered investment adviser and wholly owned subsidiary of B. Riley Financial, Inc. Previously, Mr. Fichthorn was a Co-Founder of Dialectic Capital Management LLC, an investment management firm, and has been a portfolio manager of the firm since 2003.]

Mr. Fichthorn has significant experience in accounting and financial matters, with the unique perspective of representing the interests of a major stockholder, and experience serving on other public company boards. Mr. Fichthorn served as a Director of California Micro Devices from September 2009 until its sale in February 2010. Prior to that, he was Managing Director of the technology group at Maverick Capital, and an Analyst at Alliance Capital and Quilcap Corporation. Mr. Fichthorn has been a Director of Health Insurance Innovations Inc. since December 2017. He previously served as co-founder and CEO of Dialectic Capital Management, LLC from 2003 to 2017.

Author: Maven Staff