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Brendan McDermid/Pool Photo via AP

It turns out that the American people know a scam when they see one — even Democrats. A new I&I/TIPP poll shows indisputably that the lawsuits against Trump are beginning to boomerang in the minds of Democrats. Indeed, they’re not buying the BS that Donald Trump is a “THREAT TO DEMOCRACY!!!!!!” 

Donald Trump is currently indicted on 91 obviously orchestrated felony counts, as well as other lawsuits in multiple venues around the U.S. There’s the indictment about legally held documents at Mar-a-Lago, there’s the one about “inciting” an insurrection, the fraudulent civil lawsuit in New York on which the judge has already ruled the former president is guilty without hearing the evidence. 

Then there’s the other New York case alleging “hush money” payments. There’s the lawfare special from the 1980s alleged assault in New York. There’s the racketeering lawsuit brought by Fani Willils in Georgia alleging the former president tried to “subvert” an election. 

There are lawsuits to keep him off the ballot in Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, and 17 other states. The president’s lawyers are being sued and forced to fight for their law licenses by Media Matters lawyers using George Soros money. Speaking of racketeering, this continuing criminal enterprise to bury the former president in paper, drain his bank account, purposely timed to be during primary season, and fight to keep him out of office by any means necessary seems… suspicious. 

The II/TIPP poll finds that Democrats are cottoning on. 

The polling organization asked two questions. The first question is, “To what extent do you agree or disagree with the statement: The Democratic Party is using the law to try to prevent Trump from running in the 2024 election.” Secondly, it asked those leaning Republican, “How likely are you to vote for Donald Trump in the Republican presidential primary if he is convicted of any crimes?”

To the first question, 80% of Republicans and a slight majority of independents agreed that the lawsuits are an obvious attempt to keep Trump out of office, or, put another way, tampering with an election. Nearly 50% of Democrats agreed. A plurality, 49%, believe that the lawsuits are an attempt to kill off Trump’s candidacy. Taken together, fully 60% of Americans believe the lawsuits are an empty political ploy.

Further, 72% of Republicans think so little of the lawfare being run against Trump that they would vote for him even if he’s convicted of anything. And when the Democrats have overcharged him to this extent, the chances of getting one conviction are greater than Trump defeating all of them. And “63% of independents agree they’ll likely vote for him, compared to 29% who say it’s unlikely.”

“Biden has a 61% share of the vote among Democratic Party voters and independent supporters in the upcoming primaries, exactly equal to Trump’s 61% share of the Republican side,” the pollsters say. 

Though voters are concerned about Biden’s cognitive problems, they don’t have a solid backup plan. Last month Vice President Kamala Harris led the pack to step in for Biden, but this month Michelle Obama bubbled up to the lead with 19%, one percentage point ahead of Harris. Socialist Bernie Sanders came in third, California Gov. Gavin Newsom was in fourth place with 9%, and Hillary Clinton was fifth.

The poll doesn’t mean that Democrats would vote for Trump but shows that they know the lawfare against him is a scam.