“Old MacDonald had a farm, and it was taken away.

With a WEF here, and a UN there, Here a bang, there a bang, everywhere a bang bang,

Starvation eei-i-oh!”

Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab wants us peons to eat bugs to help save ‘his’ planet.

Yes, he and his super-duper über rich friends at the top of the pyramid own and control the planet. They see us humans as cancer. We are consuming too much ‘unsustainable’ food such as meat. Cows produce methane and that’s very bad for their planet. It furthers more ‘climate change.’ To be sure, the climate changes all the time. We have winter, spring, summer, and fall, but what Klaus is really talking about global warming. Why not just call it global warming, then? Perhaps because their previous predictions turned out wrong. Remember, Al Gore said in 2009 that we would lose the polar ice cap in five years. Didn’t happen. Many climate change alarmists have predicted the end of the world in only ten years. When those ten years roll past, they’ll give it another ten years.

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What this is really about is population reduction and sadism. Klaus Schwab is a sadist who wants us all to ‘eat ze bugs.’ They’re even funding cricket and cockroach farms even though insects carry a variety of parasites dangerous for human consumption. Cockroaches spread salmonella. No matter, they’re already adding bug protein to processed food. Better check those labels!

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Other sadists are pushing cannibalism as something trendy. The sadists love themselves, but they hate humanity. It’s too bad we turned over a money printing press to them and here we are, well over a century later, and they’ve used it fully to their advantage. They own and control just about everything and everyone and now they want to kill billions of human beings. The dangerous Covid jabs did not work as well as they expected. Many saw through the fraud. So now they’re going to starve us after the globalist oligarchy gains total control of our food.

They’re doing this by cutting off fertilizer (bad for the climate) as well as burning down food processing plants and disrupting the supply chain. Inflation is another part of it—the oligarchs want to make people pay more and more for food while receiving smaller portions. Meanwhile, governments keep pushing their citizens and all they encounter is complaining and protests. They don’t care about that. They will soon shut down the bank accounts of the complainers. The globalist governments will eventually seize farms by force, much like Stalin did with the so-called “Kulaks.” Uncle Joe ended up starving millions in Ukraine while Walter Duranty from the New York Times lied about it and sung Joe’s praises. (He even won a Pulitzer Prize for his mendacity). Something similar is on the horizon today. Our compromised press will sing the praises of bug consumption and even the snarfing of humans (Soylent Green).

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Thomas Jefferson’s vision for America were free, independent, and prosperous citizen farmers throughout the country. They would hold the true power in our Democratic Republic. Jefferson did not agree with Federalists such as Hamilton who favored a strong central government and central banking. Jefferson favored de-centralization. Andrew Jackson represented farmers and rural folk and he was instantly hated in Washington DC. Even back then, there was a Deep State Swamp. Jackson was the first president from the Democrat Party from a time when they actually represented the working man. It took him two terms, but Jackson also ended central bank tyranny. Nowadays the Democrats represent globalist corporations and central bankers. The Republican Party isn’t much better—they also represent the interests of the super rich, not middle class America. It’s a ‘Uniparty’ and both parties work together to advance their own power and wealth as well as the wealth of the globalist bankers and Military Industrial Complex. President Trump tried to change things. He was really a populist president similar to Jackson. He too was hated by The Swamp.

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Bill Gates touts fake meat and GMO food. We all know he’s pushing depopulation. He’s been buying up millions of acres of farmland. So have the central bankers via BlackRock. China is even in on the act. What, we’re letting our arch enemy buy up American land? Even next to military bases? That’s because the vision of our Founding Fathers is now nearly totally lost. It has been replaced with a UN vision, which consists of an Agenda 30 plan to destroy America. Controlling our food is an important step—only they’ll call it a strategy for sustainability. ’Sustainability’ is a globalist worship word that many fear to challenge. Can’t be sacrilegious, ya know. They’re now telling us that we can’t let human beings grow their own food because it is not sustainable due to ‘climate change.’ It’s all bunk, but the narrative is locked in and they’ll use it to cull most of humanity.

— Ben Garrison

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You can fight back against these evil people by learning to grow your own gardens and raise your own animals. Remember victory gardens in WW2?  – Tina

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