Almost everything was made in America prior to the 1970s. We were proud to be Americans to help build our strong nation. Brave men, proudly, fought in wars; factories were filled with men and women preparing for those wars. What happened to this America, where is our loyalty? (Why do you think young people today, have no loyalty to companies?)

There is little to no American Pride for either the employees, nor the employers. Companies changed because the American economy changed.

If you love America,  join us in building our American pride again. Let’s stand together!! 

We need your help to turn this around. We also, need the following to happen:

  • Investment in Education to Skill a Workforce
  • Shorten Supply Chains and Lead Times
  • Produce Quality Goods, Made In America

As the decline of manufacturing industries in the 1970s, “Black families also faced unique challenges when it came to escaping their dire circumstances—while white families were more or less free to leave their deindustrialized communities in search of better prospects, many black families…simply could not afford to move.” —Gerald D. Taylor Recommended article entitled: “Unmade in America Industrial Flight and the Decline of Black Communities” Copyright © 2016, Alliance for American Manufacturing