TribalismWhy are we afraid of racists? Racist people have no or little effect on me. My book “Tribalism” points out what will bring us out of misery. In “It’s OK to Leave the Plantation,” I illustrate the only way out for us.

The idea that black folks must wait in the bushes until the elite black leaders and their white handlers stop all racism is foolish and unproductive. When will black folks be allowed to come into the light, join America and accept our role as patriots?

Now we are to be self-segregating, separating ourselves from white America as if we are a bunch of snails and white people are salt. I am not government property and don’t need federal help in making people play nice with me.

What power does a racist have today? It should not be illegal to be a racist. Your racial beliefs have no effect on my income, where I live or which college I attend. I do not require the store clerk to like me when I shop. I don’t care if the hotel manager does not want black people in his hotel.

We have overcome. We have changed, and racists no longer have any power. In the 1960s, my school bus driver used a racist term; business owners would call me names as I passed their businesses on Main Street; I could not defend myself because the cops and the courts were just as bad.

But today, every child on that bus would come to my defense. Customers would walk out if they heard the store owner call me a racial slur, because we have changed America. We do not need laws to make your thoughts illegal. Americans have pushed that ignorance into the darkness.

While it should not be against the law to have racist thoughts, it should not be legal for my government to engage in racial activity. That was the power behind the civil rights movement. It was “civil” because it was government rules, regulations and laws we were fighting against.

It was the government that drew the red line on the map, determining where I could live. It was government bans keeping black folks out of the military, and it was government school regulations restricting the education of black people.

But today, those restrictions would not last a second because Americans of all races would not accept it. We don’t need to launch a sit-in to be served at a lunch counter. We would just open one next door and see which diner customers would trade with.

We, the people, have made racism a powerless relic that can no longer use fear to keep America apart, except for one place. The black community is full of racist activity fueled by the government.

Today, black leaders are not needed, so they create artificial conditions to stay in power, corralling black folks into these inner cities ghettos where leaders can manage all of the anti-poverty programs. There is a lot of money in poverty and fear, and they are destroying their own people.

The real racists doing the most harm to black people are these renegade inner city pastors and their abusive political cohorts guarding their race-based, poverty businesses.

They rule over poverty, drugs, abortion and useless public schools. Any positive programs will be attacked as racist if the results show they actually help black people.

They are against school choice because it will not feed the unions. They support the drugging of our children in schools as well as on the streets. They allow the high rate of abortion that’s exterminating the black community. And they support control of the black community by the inner city gangs. All of these discourage businesses, homes and resources and keep the community poor and dependent upon the tribal chiefs.

I am tired of witnessing the slow death of the black community. It is time we all stood up to them as we would any other racist activity, instead of honoring them as gatekeepers because we are afraid to be called names.

Theses black “leaders” are building up churches with empty souls and libraries of unread books, schools full of dropouts and other empty monuments to the broken population suffering among them.

The problems within the black community cannot be solved with a government program. Because it cannot be done with money, those looking to make money will ignore the real solutions. Others will keep throwing money away because the perception is more important than success.

What will free black people is the same thing that has freed all people: success, families and culture. Success is not given, it is earned. Families will give us something to die for. Culture we develop ourselves is needed, instead of the failure given to us by the slave master.

Success provides hope and confidence for the future. It allows planning for the well-being of our children. Success in business, political power and spiritual maturity chase away the fear of someone else not taking care of you.

Families are the unit of measurement that will affect our legacy for a 1,000 years. Not your friends, job or education. Your grandchildren will be affected by who you are and what legacy you leave them. If we allow others to raise and educate our children, our children will be raised and educated to serve others.

We must establish culture not for surviving, but for thriving. You cannot develop a successful culture if you depend on someone else. If you are not demanding the best for your children, creating your own sources of income and developing neighborhoods of like-minded people, you will never have a culture.

Without a culture of our own, we end up with monuments to the greedy at the expense of the needy. These are the real racists among us, and they are hidden from view as if they were wearing robes and hoods.

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