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AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

Imagine, if you dare, that you are a regime media reporter. It’s a horrible thought, I will grant you, but consider this part of understanding your enemy so that down the road you can defeat him. So, put yourself in their cheap suits and bad shoes and think about your position in the universe. Right now, entirely as a result of their own choices, regime journalists are about as respected as groin fungus, and their career prospects in this ever-changing media marketplace are significantly worse.

And at some level, the smarter ones understand that. Try hard to consider what some of them probably feel inside. Not all of them. Some are mindless, Marxist robots, but there are some who have a glimmer of understanding of what they truly are. Sure, they can tell themselves the lie that they are the good guys, or girls, or non-binary individuals, but the ones who are not totally gone know the truth.

Regime media journalists are trash.

Many of them live in denial, but they understand the reality. They see the lies they are part of, and they know the truth.

You know, if you grew up, thinking about “All the President’s Men” and Watergate and bringing down Nixon and that whole largely-bogus myth, you probably thought that as a young journalist you were entering into a field where you could crusade for truth and justice. You were going to find the truth, dammit, and tell it to the people because that’s what the Fourth Estate did. You despised the spinners, flacks, and spokesholes who tried to lie to you and throw you off the story. 

Well, that’s all a lie. You are one of the spinners, flacks, and spokesholes.

You don’t report the news. You curate it. You don’t work for the people. You work for the Democrats and say whatever you have to say, or ignore whatever you have to ignore, to advance their narrative.

Look at the attacks on Donald Trump. Face it. He provided you with a great excuse to do what you wanted to do anyway, which was throw out all that objectivity and neutrality stuff that kept you from full-throated support for your communist favorites. Trump’s existence just created an excuse. 

You told yourself he was so much worse than other Republicans that he was an emergency threat that called for emergency rules. He was uniquely dangerous, so you didn’t have to be bound by norms or rules or fairness, or any other of those other concepts that kept you from saying what you really wanted to say and doing what you really wanted to do, which was influence policy rather than just tell people about it. 

The Trump Exception is glorious, because now you aren’t limited to the mere regurgitation of facts. And now the Trump Exception is not limited either. Trump’s the very worst thing that ever happened, a second coming of Hitler, but he’s nothing compared to Ron DeSantis who I guess is the third coming of Hitler by now, and if Tim Scott suddenly takes off, against all odds, he’ll be the fourth coming of Hitler, and worse than all of them combined because you need him to be. If he wasn’t, you have to go back to the old rules and you can’t do that.

Now, a lot of regime media reporters are just plain evil, and a lot of them are pretty stupid. It’s not the geniuses who go into journalism. It’s the rich kids whose parents can afford to support them through their 20s while they scribble for petty cash. But most of the regime journalists understand exactly what’s happening. The Trump Exception is just one of many lies they tell themselves to let them pretend that they are the good guys.

You covered up for Hillary Clinton, who took classified material home, let it get exposed to our enemies, and then destroyed it when she got a subpoena. You have to tell yourself that’s OK, and you have to tell us that’s all right. You have to tell everyone that it doesn’t matter that she ignored the law. 

And then, when Biden came in, you had to pretend he wasn’t a desiccated, senile, old pervert hiding out in his basement. But you knew he was a desiccated, senile, old pervert hiding out in his basement. All your friends knew it. You regime reporters talked about it with each other. But you didn’t tell us. You didn’t tell the people. You didn’t tell them because that would hurt the Democrats’ cause, and you’ve decided that your career depends on helping the Democrats win.

So, when Hunter Biden commits a bunch of acts that would’ve put any young black man in jail, even though you have one of those Black Lives Matter signs out in front of your condo so everybody knows you have assumed the required positions, you go along with him walking. You don’t go and find the statistics that show that if you were from inner-city Chicago instead of the president’s idiot son when you caught this beef, you’d be doing five years of hard time. 

You ignore that Methteeth McBurismaboy is gonna walk without even a felony conviction. You know that’s garbage. You know that’s bullSchiff. But you can’t possibly say it. If you did, your editors would just shut you down, and if they tried to let you, the others in your newsroom will scream that you’re helping the Republicans by telling the unvarnished truth and get the editors fired.

So you have to degrade yourself by putting out what you know are lies, whether of commission or omission, when everybody else knows they are lies. A bag of cocaine in the White House? The only people who don’t go through security are the family of the president. Gee, could it be the Cokehead-in-Chief? No, you ignore the prime suspect, the son of the president who lives in the White House and snorts more Peruvian party powder than Tony Montana, though when he says, “Say hello to my little friend!” a stripper gets impregnated.

You pretended his laptop was a Russian fake even though you knew it wasn’t. You publicized 51 lying foreign-policy scumbags, who also knew the laptop was real, even though you knew they were lying. Now, because it’s the Republicans coming out with the evidence that everybody in the Biden family except the mystery grandkid is getting huge checks from foreigners, the best you can come up with is “Republicans pounce.”

You know you’re trash. But what you don’t know, because you didn’t study history at the University of College, is what happens next. You majored in narcing out your friends for having views like that there are only two genders – and today you always insist on reporting castration as “gender affirming care” because of course you do – so you missed learning how people through the ages can tolerate injustice for a little while, how they can put up with lies for the time being, and how an unworthy elite can dominate for a bit, but then comes the backlash.

The backlash will come because the machine of which you are an insignificant cog cannot run forever. It’s built on lies, and it’s going to fall apart. Your problem is that you are one of the liars. You are one of the enablers. You are one of the bad guys. And you’re going to be held accountable. History, that thing you’ve ignored so far, will pay attention to you as you go in it as an eager accomplice to corruption.