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Prosecutor and former Mayor Rudy Giuliani

The political
persecution of good people by the radical left continues.

On Friday, July 7, the
DC disciplinary committee made an unfounded recommendation to
disbar Mayor Rudy Giuliani from the DC Bar Association.

There is a real hatred
of President Trump from the radical left. The hatred is
unrealistic and has a name… Trump derangement syndrome. They feel
that he didn’t deserve a lawyer’s representation. I guess they
don’t feel that most American Citizens should have representation
unless it is something they agree with.

On November
4, 2020, Mayor Giuliani was overwhelmed with calls from States
telling him about fraud in the election. The Trump campaign was
not prepared for the onslaught of calls from the States and the
requests to obtain lawyers.

Mayor Giuliani received
a panicked call from Corey Lewandowski and Pam Bondi that
Republican poll watchers were being barred from observing and
inspecting mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania.  Corey went to court
and a judge ruled that the poll watchers will be allowed in the
building to observe and inspect the ballots. Unfortunately, a
local sheriff would not enforce the judge’s ruling.

Goodman continues,
Ordinary American citizens were trying to reach Mayor Giuliani to
tell them their stories. Two attorneys were preparing a brief and
were going to court to ask for a hearing. Tragically, the lawyers
received death threats and removed themselves from the cases.
Mayor Giuliani had to apply for entry in the Pennsylvania board to
argue the case. Unbeknownst to him the brief was changed. The
judge in the case would not allow a hearing. To deny a hearing was
unheard of. The many poll watchers who swore by affidavits that
they were not allowed to inspect ballots deserved to be heard. Pam
Bondi arranged for a press conference at Four Season Landscaping
because she believed it portrayed a middle class family who has a
successful landscaping business. What they were trying to
accomplish by getting the truth out was about American justice.

Mayor Giuliani was in
ONE courtroom. He had heard from other lawyers in other states
they were not given a hearing either. You know Mayor Giuliani will
always do what is right. He believed the ‘witnesses’ deserved to
be heard in front of their state legislators. These hearings with
eyewitnesses are now a matter of record and history.

By this time, Mayor
Giuliani had heard from MIT graduates, physicists, and others,
that it
was statistically improbable for Trump to lose Pennsylvania.
of these reports were
given to the DC disciplinary committee. They failed to reference
any of them.

As a country, it is
imperative to investigate what happened in the 2020 election.

In the documentary 2000 Mules we learned that
cheating occurred with the Zuckerberg boxes.

In Kill Chain we
learned that Senators Klobuchar and Sanders had concerns about
voting machines.

The last seven years we
have seen the corruption of the Department of Justice, the courts
and the media. In 2019 Mayor Giuliani was given information about
Ukraine. Biden wanted him silenced and sent media outlets a letter
to not have Mayor Giuliani on their shows.

Mayor Giuliani knew
there was no Russian collusion. The radical left which includes
some media outlets tried to silence Mayor Giuliani’s voice. This
was incredulous since you would think the Department of Justice,
politicians, and the media would want to hear the truth. Instead,
they used over 45 million dollars to investigate Russian collusion
when the FBI already knew there was no Russian collusion between
Russia and the Trump campaign. Rudy was right.

When John Mac Isaac
became frustrated with the DOJ/FBI because they were hiding the
crimes on Hunter Biden’s laptop he gave it to Rudy because Rudy is
all about combating corruption and putting his country first.

Presidential candidate
Joe Biden in a debate called Rudy a Russian agent.

Who was right about the
crimes on the laptop? Rudy was right.

Do you see what I am
getting at? Rudy is the world’s most famous prosecutor and lawyer.
He does not care about popular opinion. He does what is right.

If you have the courage to really
look at the 2020 election you will see the fraud and corruption
that occurred.

Mayor Giuliani would
never try to overturn an election. Remember he is the one who
stopped another lawyer for suggesting to the President to use the
military to seize the voting machines.

After hearing from their
own citizens several legislators realized they certified an
election that is wrought with concerns. They sent letters to Vice
President Pence to give them 10 days to relook at their own
states. This was a reasonable request since the certification
process belongs to each state’s legislature says Giuliani’s co
host on Uncovering the Truth, Dr. Maria.

There is a member of the
DC disciplinary committee, Mr. Fox, who allegedly has had
misconduct allegations against him in the past. He is a far-left
extremists who tries to hurt conservatives says someone close to
the case who wishes to remain anonymous in fear of retaliation.

Let’s hope
lawyers who believe in law and justice will stand up and make it
known that Giuliani should maintain his law license. He has been
an exemplary lawyer for fifty years. Political bias should not
enter the equation.