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Imagine Joey the Handyman from Scranton had a tool that he used for everything. Maybe it was one of those claw hammers with a screwdriver hidden in the handle or something. I don’t know, and it doesn’t really matter. The point is that whenever something needed fixin’, Joey could reach for this tool, and it would handle the job. The all-purpose tool endured heavy usage for years and years, and it served Joey well. But then the inevitable day came when the wear and tear reached a critical point, and the poor, worn-out tool was pushed past its limit and it broke. No matter how hard Joey hit nails and turned screws with it, it simply didn’t work anymore.

That’s the fix Team Biden finds itself in as Nov. 5, 2024, bears down on them. Team Biden is, of course, the amalgam of establishment operatives who use their positions to propel and keep fellow leftists — in this case, Joe Biden — in positions of power. The handy but overused tool is the fear of Donald Trump. It was a nifty, Swiss Army knife sort of tool that had media, political, law enforcement, and legal functions. It helped Joey the Candidate scare the populace into supporting him because they were so afraid of what would happen if Trump ever got back into the White House. But the Democrats overused this important tool and now it seems to have stopped working.

Tipp Insights is a polling and analysis outfit attached to the TIPP Poll, which has been around for over three decades. The Tipp Insights Editorial Board just dropped an analysis titled “The Left’s Lies Are Powering Trump’s Lead.” The report’s subtitle is “Voters do not buy the Left’s and media’s lies about Trump anymore.” 

Ruh-roh, Team Biden!

Tipp Insights gives a perfunctory inventory of all the labels and drama Team Biden has draped over Trump’s shoulders in their zeal to make him an undesirable candidate:

Trump is no ordinary candidate. He faces 91 criminal charges in four separate cases, including two in federal court under an aggressive prosecutor. He was impeached twice by the House and was the target of the J6 Committee, a Congressional creation designed to use taxpayer dollars to malign him for nearly 18 months. Media coverage during his presidency was so negative that it often swung to a 90-10 imbalance.

But a funny thing is happening: voters are starting to tune out Team Biden hyperventilations and are believing their own lyin’ eyes instead. “Biden’s failure as president, indicated by his 55.5% disapproval rating and the country’s 65% wrong-track number, are factors,” notes the analysis. “Voters tell reporters they are nostalgic for Trump’s years (low inflation, no new wars, a controlled border, a strong economy, and low unemployment).” 

Who wouldn’t be? “But there is something more to it,” note the writers. “Voters do not buy the Left’s and media’s lies about Trump anymore:”

Americans see that the Left has tried every trick in the book – from ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ to the latest Fani Willis RICO case – to bring Trump down. In each instance, the Left lied about what Trump supposedly did, sometimes using laws and lawfare to frame him.

The analysis goes on to enumerate the many huge lies Team Biden tells — the “bloodbath” controversy, the Russia collusion hoax, the E. Jean Carroll rape claim, and the Tish James real estate fraud disgrace. There are also the lies the left tries to gaslight us with in general, such as pretending millions of illegal aliens are legitimate asylum candidates, which makes them less credible in voters’ eyes.

At last, more Americans are waking up to how badly they’ve been lied to by the left. Democrats overused their Trump-is-Evil tool and wore it out, and now it’s broken. I predict they’re still going to keep banging that broken Scary Trump tool harder and harder, though, until their lies become so transparent and over-the-top that people straight up laugh in their faces.

Team Biden still has a couple of other handy tools in the toolbox. There’s the abortion wrench and the ballot shenanigans WD-40, for instance. But will these be enough to handle the Nov. 5 job without a fully functioning Fear-of-Trump multi-tool in the mix? 

According to their website, “The TIPP Poll has the much-coveted distinction as the most accurate poll of this century, being the only poll to accurately predict the winner of the last five U.S. presidential elections.” The Tipp Insights Editorial Board predicts that “If Trump’s leads hold, he will indeed be reelected in November. We can confidently say so because 2024 is a rematch, the first of its kind in over a century. Even if third-party candidates enter, they will likely be more noise than signal.”

It’s not a great time for one of the Democrats’ top campaign tools to break. What a pity.

Author: Frances Rice