Seems like more Americans are engaging the political process. Politics is involved in every single aspect of your life. You may not be involved in politics, but rest assured, politics is involved in your life. You may live in the Land of Freedom, but you cannot do anything without the directive, tax, fee, regulation or authority of your government. From the moment you woke up this morning lying under those government-approved, fire-resistance sheets to driving your highly regulated car and arrive at your job at a business permitted by the State, everything is touched by your government.

You cannot allow the government not to get input from you. Many people are beginning to understand this and are engaging their government for the first time. They are beginning to ask questions, and they do not like the answers. The ugliness of this past election cycle shook folks out of their slumber. They saw that government was working against their best interest. People got involved in their government for the first time. But you cannot stop. You cannot let go. You must stay engaged.

To you friends just venturing into the world of politics, allow me to give you some foundations to stand on. First, politics is a multi-billion dollar business. The larger it grows the more power and influence it has. Don’t believe politics is here to make your life easier; it is here to make the politicians’ lives easier.

Every issue affects every person. There are no “special” issues. There are no black issues, poverty issues or homosexual issues. All issues affect my children, my morals and values. They all effect my taxes, regulations, business and employment. I should have an opinion on every issue. Government cannot grow without your dependency on government growing.

Your personal individual freedoms goes against the philosophy of the government. And you will find that guarding your personal freedom will be a constant struggle with government.

Children cannot sell lemonade on the front lawn without a business permit. Homosexual month is celebrated in schools, and parents cannot opt out, as if the schools are co-parents. Fees and penalties are issued by unelected government workers. When I owned a home in Florida, the county informed me that I had to notify them if a tree blew down on my property; apparently, they own all the palm trees.

I once had a government official tell me he would come on my property to peek into my garage to confirm I was listing all of my personal property to be taxed. He thought only the police needed a warrant to search my home and that he could come by for a visit any time he wanted. I did not know his pay scale, but assured him that he would certainly earn every penny that day.

You can see that those people following political leadership the most are the worse off themselves. The most loyal are the poorest, most dependent and in constant need of government. The most loyal, consistent voters in America are the black inner city voters – giving 90 percent of their votes in loyalty to the Democratic Party. Their reward has been more poverty, gangs, drugs, and no businesses, home ownership, hope or income. The more loyal they are, the richer their political leaders. The more loyal the more poverty, low income housing and deaths in their streets. Politicians should be loyal to you. They should gain their power from your prosperity.

Government leaders and bureaucrats think of themselves as sheepherders, and you are the sheep. They direct, protect and care for the sheep. They have a wolf-like dog to ride herd over the sheep. The government pays no attention to the complaints of the sheep because government is in charge of the food. The sheepherder does not love the sheep; the sheepherder loves rack of lamb. Those who follow the sheepherder will follow them all the way to the slaughterhouse.

You are not sheep. You are grown citizens in a self-governing nation. You should have an opinion on everything and everyone. You should stand up against every restriction aimed at your speech, thoughts and actions. There should be a reaction whenever the sheepherders try to lead and mislead us.

The concept of a government-run health-care system, government retirement age, minimum wage and gun control should be a reason to go into the streets. Who determines a racist, homophobic, anti-Muslim person, and why would that be the concern of the government?

The government thinks hating should be a crime, so they invented “hate crimes” – so now we can’t hate the person we are robbing. The courts ruled on President Trump’s “thoughts” when he issued his travel ban. Why are we regulating Confederate flags? A racist person has the right to be racist. I do not need my government to protect me from my mean neighbor.

Notice that the debate on health care is centered around what form government control over your health care will take. It is not about getting the government out of your health care. Make health care a private-citizen decision, just like my car, homeowner and life insurance. Why is the solution some form of government regulation?

To take my income and give it to someone deemed “entitled” to it is saying that I am not entitled to my income, but someone else is entitled to my income. So to my new politically active friends I say, Welcome. Please do not just get involved in those issues you find important. Join the “We the People” movement and take back control of your lives. Government control breeds poverty, broken families, indoctrination and a loss of liberties.

I am glad to see you have decided to agree with me that “It’s OK to Leave the Plantation!”