Why must “We” come together? It is not “We” that is dividing America. It is radical liberalism dividing America. A radical liberal shot up the Congressional baseball practice. Why are “We” to lower our rhetoric? It’s not “We” rioting in the streets, pepper spraying, canceling speakers and destroying private property. It is not “We” whose members of Congress curse out our President. It is not “We” whose women dress up as vaginas and brag about blowing up the White House. It is not “We” who produces a play showing the assassination of President Trump. It is not “We” holding up the severed head of Trump like a proud ISIS fighter. What rhetoric can “We” stop using to make liberals comfortable? “Make America Great Again”? How about “America First”? We would have to abandon the word “Jesus” just to begin making them comfortable.

I wrote “It’s OK to Leave the Plantation” to explain that the slave master will never change, educate your children, stop regulating you and will always take what you produce. Slavery did not end when we changed our tone. Changing the discourse did not end slavery. It ended when we won.

I am tired of attacks on the “political discourse”! It is not the political discourse, it is the violent actions of radical revolutionary liberals. It is the results of billions in funding, organizing, training and planning of the radical, liberal Resistance to democracy. It is the result of the rhetoric of the Looney Lewd Left. What tone can we adopt to make them love liberty?

We think they want the same things we want. Peace, freedom, family structure and community health. But they grow in poverty, poor education, hopelessness and dependency. They cannot grow with strong families; they require dysfunctional families needing government help. We share the truth with them, expecting their attitude to change – but they will deny the truth while knowing it is true and embrace the lie while knowing it is a lie. If you have faith in late-night comics, CNN commentators and college professors, you will have a completely different worldview than those listening to Rush Limbaugh, Mark Stein or Mason Weaver.

They want us to stop defending ourselves against their attacks. They hate personal freedom, we love personal freedom. They hate our constitution, we love our constitution. They want to rule while we want to govern. They hate God, we love God.

We took years of Obama like adults, they are dealing with Trump like they are children. We did not riot, curse or destroy property in the face of Obama’s unelected czars ruling us, smuggling guns into Mexico and his hundreds of executive orders closing down industries and putting Americans out of work. We worked hard to elect our followers across the board and eventually won our country back. We did not become the “Resistance,” we became the government.

We saw the Looney Lewd Left dictate Obamacare to us in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve. No debate, no amendments, no compromise. We went to work to repeal and did not riot. The violence is coming from liberals. How can conservatives reduce the political tension?

They hate what we love and love what we hate. We love American values, they hate those values. We love capitalism, they love socialism. We love democracy, they love communism. We love freedoms, and they love control. They want to give something back to the community while we want to leave something for our family. They remember where they came from, we remember where we are going. We are seeking a different America. We desire a different nation. They want a multi-cultural America, we want the American culture. They see white privilege, and we see the American privilege.

Only one America can exist. You either want the culture of freedom or the culture of slavery. When they call for compromise they mean “hypnotize.” When they call for common ground they mean the grave.

When liberals are in control they force feed government to us. We were shut out, ignored and stomped on. It wasn’t until after we won control of Congress and the Trump victory did they bring out the ole call for unity.

Radical liberals are the ones at the core of these gun attacks. And radical liberals are the first ones rushing to the microphone to call for gun control. If you are seeking real peace, ban liberals not guns! Liberals get success out of chaos, we succeed out of order. One of us has to lose. Sending your children to government schools is child abuse. Government schools indoctrinate, not educate, your children.

The House Democrats invited the Republicans to dinner, and that will be a great photo opportunity. However, for real healing, they must do more than have a meal and photo op. They must denounce most of their beliefs, move away from their supporters and lose the favor of their leadership, organizations and funding. At that dinner, Democrats would need to pledge allegiance to the oath they took. They would need to change what it means to defend the American people. That dinner would need to include an apology to America and her values.

It would never happen, but it is the only way it could happen – if we are to work together. That is why I have no confidence in working together with radical liberals. It would take Democrat leaders giving up their income and power. They would need to do what’s right, but they get their power from doing what’s wrong. They would lose everything. But America would be saved, the world would be safer, and their grandchildren would live more secure.

Either compromise on your principles, hoping it will make them change, or keep fighting to govern them. If you compromise on your principles, you don’t have any.

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