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in war is a synonym for lethal stalemate if not defeat.

two sides go at it with roughly equal forces, weapons, and
strategies, the result is often a horrific deadlock — like the
four years of toxic trench warfare on the Western Front of World
War I that resulted in 12 million fatalities.

purpose of war is to defeat the enemy as quickly as possible
with the least number of causalities, thereby achieving
political ends.

every side aims to find superior strategies, tactics, weapons, and
manpower to ensure as great a disproportionate advantage as

is no exception.

savage pre-civilizational strategy to defeat Israel hinged on
doing disproportionate things Israel either cannot or will not do.

Hamas spent a year planning a preemptive butchery spree inside
Israel. Its ruthless murdering focused on “soft targets” like
unarmed elderly women, children, and infants, mostly asleep at a
time of peace and holiday.

it sought to collectively shock Israel into paralysis by the sheer
horror of decapitating civilians, burning babies, mass raping, and
mutilating bodies.

apparent aim of such premodern barbarity was to blame Israel’s
“occupation” for turning Gazans into veritable monsters, with
hopes of derailing the renewed Abraham Accords.

the gunmen took more than 240 hostages back with them to Gaza.

that was a disproportionate tactic designed to meter out the
release of captives in exchange for “pauses” and “cease-fires” to
save Hamas.

Hamas made implicit threats of gruesome executions of captives
unless Israel ceased their retaliation on October 7.

all the while, Hamas shot rockets into Israel, more than 7,000 in
total, and all aimed at civilians.

one launch was preceded by dropping leaflets or sending text
messages to Israeli civilians to vacate the intended target areas
— a protocol often used by the Israel Defense Forces.

unapologetic aim was to kill thousands of Israelis at random and

fact, in just the last four weeks, Hamas has launched more than
twice as many rockets into Israel as Nazi Germany managed to
launch V-2s into Britain in five months.

Hamas sought to create a multibillion-dollar tunnel city beneath
Gaza. The labyrinth’s sole purpose was to stockpile weapons and
ensure safe havens for terrorists to shoot rockets and regroup
after their terrorist missions.

the subterranean headquarters of Hamas elites, along with weapons
depots, were strategically placed under hospitals, mosques, and
schools to “shield” them from Israeli attacks.

expectation was that the IDF would be hesitant to target such
“civilian” and “humanitarian” areas in a way Hamas never would.

Hamas forced the civilians of Gaza to remain in the street
fighting. They often shot those who resisted.

also killed Gazans who fled the city. Hamas sought to increase
civilian fodder as collateral damage from Israeli attacks. Such
deaths were to be broadcast worldwide to win sympathy for Hamas
terrorists and force a cease-fire.

Hamas bragged that it could repeat strategies 1-7 endlessly on the
supposition Israel would tire, the world would turn against the
Jewish state, and it, at last, could murder enough Jews to end
Israel altogether.

in turn, seeks its own disproportionate response to defeat Hamas.

it seeks to single out and kill the actual Hamas terrorists, and
especially the 2,000 or so killers of October 7.

it tries to warn civilians to flee anywhere that Hamas masses.
Just as Hamas wants its own civilians killed for propaganda
purposes, so Israel seeks to avoid killing them.

by targeting Hamas and warning civilians to keep their distance,
Israel does not deny that there will be collateral damage.

it hopes to convince the world that any civilian deaths are mostly
the fault of Hamas and not the IDF.

to the degree that Gaza City is left in rubble, Israel wishes to
remind its enemies that the wages of murdering Jewish infants,
unfortunately, will be a disproportionate response, whose full
effects will deter any future attack.

Israel understands that a country of 9-10 million is facing a
virulently hostile 500 million-person Arab Middle East. The United
Nations is on the side of Hamas. Immigrants from the Middle East
have hijacked a now antisemitic Europe. Israel’s sole patron,
the United States, is buffeted by a hard-left new Democratic
Party that is not a reliable partner.

result is that Israel still cannot conduct a fully
disproportionate war without endangering its source of military
resupply in the United States and a wider conflict with the
Islamic world.

so, the war continues.

strives for a more disproportionate terrorist agenda to prolong
the war. And Israel strives for a more disproportionate
retaliation to end it.

anger arises at Israel mostly because it is Jewish, and thus far,
its conventional disproportionality is proving more effective than
the terrorist disproportionality of Hamas.