FBI Director James Comey has been fired, and the lunatics on the left are being predictable. They are illustrating their inability to be satisfied, happy or even cooperative. They hated and distrusted Comey and are now finding fault with his dismissal. It comes from a basic, fundamental liberal position. Truth does not matter; only the goals matter. If it could harm Trump, they will do it.

For decades, the left had assumed that losing any power in Washington was temporary and that they would still control the bureaucracy. Their career employees could not be fired and would work against all changes endangering their philosophy. Now they are beginning to recognize the new sheriff in town. Trump intends to govern, control and direct this nation back to independence. The noise you hear is the swamp going down the drain.

They will make noise, deflect, complain and accuse as they lose power. Trumpeted by the press and comedians, pushed by the entertainment industry and funded by the globalists, we will be told night is day and day is night. The slaves on the plantation got all of their information from Master. They thought success was having the best job on the plantation, not freedom from the plantation. Master controlled their diet, health care, education and culture. Every slave had a job and no one retired. They were Democrats then, and they are Democrats now. Why are we still compromising with slaveholders?

In my book, “It’s OK to Leave the Plantation!” I tried to point out that modern-day slavery is voluntary. We send our children to Masters’ schools, set them in front of Masters’ TV programs, and we are surprised when they believe darkness rather than light.

Comey began his downfall when he refused to recommend the indictment of Hillary Clinton even though she had committed crimes. He came up with a new requirement for indictment. It was apparently created for the Clintons only. Hillary had to have clear evidence of intention, not just extreme carelessness. But this is not the case with other Americans. Apparently, one must belong to the “Political Class” to become immune to the law.

Take the case of Navy Machinist Mate 1st Class Kristian Saucier. He was found guilty of mishandling classified information and sentenced to one year in federal prison for taking six photos of the inside of a nuclear submarine – photos he never transmitted. This crime should have been handled within the Navy, but the DOJ and the FBI decided to maliciously prosecute Saucier. If we sentence Hillary Clinton to one year for every classified email she mishandled, she would be serving a life sentence.

Well, Trump looks like he is opening another plug in the swamp. The players have taken to their corners, and the news about Russia, Nixon, special prosecutors and the usual noise will try to drown out his success. The firing of Comey will allow Trump to seize control over the FBI, allowing the agency to investigate Hillary, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Susan Rice and maybe take just a peek at that real Obama birth certificate. Also, let’s take a look at Obamas’ interference in the Israeli and French elections. This is going to be fun to watch.

If the Justice Department under Obama looked at Ferguson and Baltimore police practices, maybe Trump could look at the policing at Berkeley during the campus riots and sanctuary-city policing and determine a federal takeover is necessary. Perhaps the Civil Rights Division of Justice Department could look at the discrimination of U.S. citizens and legal immigrants who has to pay more for college than illegal immigrants. This is really going to be fun to watch.

Let us look into the IRS harassment of conservative groups, look into the terrorist watch-list failures, why Hillary was not placed under oath, why no notes of her interview are available, the Clinton Foundation, the Clintons’ pay-for-play with foreign governments, Hillary’s Russian plutonium deal and so much more. They have been getting away with so much for so long that they’ve become careless and lazy.

Director Comey deserved to be fired for an astounding number of reasons. His department was so full of dangerous errors that our basic security and national safety was jeopardized. The FBI interviewed Tamerlane Tsarnaev before he bombed the Boston Marathon. Even after “The Russians” warned the Obama administration, the FBI did not follow up.

The FBI had letters from the Fort Hood shooter, Nidal Hasan, announcing his desire to support the Taliban by killing his fellow soldier – and the FBI did not intervene. Maybe a real FBI director could now find out.

More frightening was the FBI blunder of the Ahmad Khan Rahami case. After being warned by his father of his sons radical Islamic beliefs, the FBI interviewed Rahami but did not hold him. He went on to bomb New York and New Jersey.

Omar Mateen was investigated for months by the FBI, admitted deceiving them and was still not charged with a crime. He ended up killing 49 people and maiming 53 others at the Pulse nightclub in Florida.

If the FBI were our favorite baseball team and the team continued to make obvious blunders, we would fire the coach. It would not matter if the coach was a good guy, tried very hard or couldn’t find “intent” in the players. We would not tolerate continued incompetent behavior at the head of the helm. Both sides of the political spectrum, both sides of the media, commentators and comedians are all dissatisfied with this coach. Now it is time to move on to justice and leave politics behind.

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