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But there aren’t any mean tweets… yet.

After a disastrous CNN townhall event, White House staff had to walk back and circle back about many of President Joe Biden’s pronouncements that even the media fact checkers had to admit needed context or were outright wrong. These included his claims that he’s been to the U.S.-Mexico border (a drive-by before he was even vice president), that National Guard members would be enlisted to drive delivery trucks, that America has Taiwan’s back against Communist China and his overstated record on COVID vaccine purchases.

Add to that Biden’s endorsement of the firing of first responders resistant to vaccine mandates and that the president has no idea how to lower skyrocketing gas prices, and it’s no wonder Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper isn’t shocked that polling shows that 20% of 2020 Biden voters regret having cast their ballots for him.

As a member of the “Bream Team” on the Fox News Channel program “Fox News @ Night,” Horace pointed out to host Shannon Bream some of the stark changes that America has undergone during the first nine months of Biden’s rule:

[T]his has been nothing like the Trump Administration.

We have gasoline at the highest price than most people have seen in almost a generation. We have inflation running rampant. We have a creation of an artificial attack on employment that’s worse than what happened with the Obamacare employer mandate.

This radical wave, he noted, has polarized America – giving people who thought they were ushering in an era of unity a rude awakening:

We’re actually making people move from the towns and states that they live to places that aren’t as draconian. And the vaccine mandate and the passports associated with it are doing almost the same.

This 100-person employee rule is really going to restrict job growth. This is the exact opposite of the kinds of amazing economic opportunity that the American people saw [under President Trump]. And it’s no surprise that they’re telling every pollster that they can find, “This isn’t what we expected.”

Another aspect of the new normal visited upon the nation’s capital is brazen politicking. This includes a video appeal by Vice President Kamala Harris to over 300 black churches in Virginia. She told congregations to “vote after today’s service,” and that “I know you will send [liberal gubernatorial candidate] Terry McAuliffe back to Richmond.”

While Bream stated that “advocating for a specific candidate” in a church is against IRS rules, Horace didn’t think that – if history is any guide – the White House has much to fear:

I don’t think there’s gonna be any audits because the left never gets audited.

But he did see some cause for concern:

I feel sorry to those parishioners who had to listen to that presentation. And it looks more like she’s reading a hostage note than any actual, genuine endorsement.

So shame on her for being party to this – unless, of course, she was taken as a hostage.

Author: David Almasi