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In 2020, the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation reported taking in over $90 million in donations. At the end of the year, it still had over $60 million of that money in its accounts.

Michael Brown, Sr. – the father of Michael Brown, Jr., whose high-profile death in a police-involved shooting in Ferguson, Missouri helped give rise to the modern Black Lives Matter movement – has now asked for the group to open up its coffers to him and his community to the tune of $20 million.

“Where is all that money going?” he asked. “How could you leave the families who are helping the community without any funding?”

This concern was echoed by Project 21 Co-Chairman Stacy Washington, who lives near Ferguson. On the Newsmax television program “John Bachman Now,” she remarked about Brown’s appeal:

I don’t agree with him often, but he’s right here…

He’s asking where’s the money to help people, and they should be doing that if they’re gonna raise that kind of money.

The leftist political group has raised an incredible amount, and maintains vast reserves  during a time when many are lacking financial resources – particularly in black communities. Stacy said:

The money is going to political causes. It’s not going to the community.

Only a little more than $20 million in donations (less than a quarter of all reported donations) has been disbursed to Black Lives Matter groups at the community level. Expressing frustration about this apparent lack of local involvement, Stacy added:

That’s the kind of work that people expect Black Lives Matter to do, and they’re not doing it.

Author: David Almasi