Charles Barkley says he is proud of Alabama for electing Doug Jones to the U.S. Senate and that the Democrats should now work hard to help black people. What evidence, from the last 60 years, has he seen to indicate any Democratic help for black people?

It was the Alabama Democrats who blocked the Edmund Pettus Bridge on “Bloody Sunday” March 7, 1965, trying to keep segregation alive. It was Alabama Democrat George Wallace who stood in the schoolhouse door on June 11, 1963, blocking black people from attending the University of Alabama. It was a Democratic plan for black people that gave us the Black Codes, Fugitive Slave Act, Jim Crow and the KKK. What on earth does Barkley expect from the party of slave owners? Freedom? What freed him? How did he become rich and famous? By hard work, not being taken cared of and not expecting something from any political party.

Growing up in Leeds, Alabama, Barkley was called overweight, and his skills were not that impressive. Standing only 5-foot-10 and weighing 220 pounds as a high-school junior, why would he even try out? He worked hard and ignored what others thought of him. His senior year, scouts didn’t know his name as he entered the semi-finals against the most recruited player in Alabama. That’s when his hard work, combined with his eagerness to win, showed up. He scored 26 points and announced to the world who he was. When Coach Sonny Smith from Auburn University, witnessed that game, he remembered Barkley as a “fat guy who can play like the wind.”

When Coach Smith gave Barkley a scholarship to Auburn, it was not because of his color, politics or neighborhood. It was his work ethics combined with his drive to win. That is his success story, and it should be proclaimed to the black community. No one could have kept Barkley down except himself. His position in life had no effect on his potential for life.

Where would Charles Barkley be today had he believed the hype? What if he had believed the white man had him down, owed him something or that white people are evil? Had he believed what he’s telling poor black folks today, he would be where poor black folks are today. If poor black folks believed what Barkley believed about himself, then they would be where he is today. Charles Barkley’s career proves that race has nothing to due with failure or success.

It does not matter if it is Barkley, an unskilled fat kid, Mason Weaver, a poor black high-school dropout and disabled veteran, Oprah Winfrey’s dysfunctional family or Dr. Ben Carlson’s inner-city beginnings. Successful black Americans follow Barkley’s example, not his words.

Barkley should be a champion of hard work, staying out of trouble, having a family and living life with a purpose. The black community does not need Democrats’ help; we need families, productive schools and a culture of success.

Tell us, Mr. Barkley, where were the Democrats when you had to work out every day, competing for your position, when you studied your crafts and projected your talents? What Democrat help did you get to sacrifice your way through school to the NBA? There was nothing any political party did for you as you directed your career. Preach that. Preach real success, that everyone you know got to where they are because of hard work. Hard work works – that should be your message. I would love to send you a copy of my first book, “It’s OK to Leave the Plantation!” You don’t need a program for freedom. You don’t need a political solution for your condition to change. “Master” may not like it, but it is OK to leave the Plantation.

Democrats control every inner-city ghetto, every black failing school and the jobs in every poor black neighborhood. The more poverty-stricken, drug-infested the neighborhood is, the more votes for Democrats. Mr. Barkley, you have just served up black people for more misery, poverty and victimhood.

Success frees slaves, which is why Democrats hate success. The economic cash flow coming through America will benefit everyone who is prepared for it. What a great opportunity to talk about investments, training, starting businesses and planning. Instead, the message is marching and protesting, demonstrating and waiting.

There is a reason rich people call it “cash flow” and poor people call it “making dough” – it flows through your neighborhood. Those prepared for it collect it, and those who don’t just spend it. Let’s prepare to participate in American Privilege and not continue to wait on master to feed us. Democrats will always be Democrats, but we no longer have to be their slaves.

People will see more money in their pockets, and that will trump the emotions. People will see the value of their 401k continuing to grow. They will see their income rise, and they will see America coming back. That is, except for those black folks setting back watching the stock market, but following Barkley’s lead. Instead of investing in Nike stock, they will be investing in Nike shoes. They will avoid the greatest economic opportunity in decades waiting on the Democrats to take better care of them. I am not a betting man, but I would wager Barkley has done pretty well investing in America while he is encouraging other black folks to wait on Democrats.

“Stay Right or be Left!” You can wait on the Democrats, but we are going to freedom.