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Prominent conservatives are united with gun rights supporters in their opposition to the nomination of David Chipman as President Joe Biden’s choice for director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

National Center General Counsel Justin Danhof, Esq. joined almost 100 others on a Conservative Action Project-led letter sent to senators. The letter called Chipman, who currently works for the special interest group Giffords, “a gun control extremist whose views on firearms and the Second Amendment are wildly out of step with constitutional interpretation and widely held social norms.”

The letter further called out Chipman’s “long history of misconstruing key details of how firearms work,” and his “aggressive anti-gun ownership platform.” It cited his support for “mass confiscation of semi-automatic rifles,” and noted that he suggested prospective gun buyers who fail background checks be arrested despite the fact that such checks often yield false positives.

In a stinging rebuke of the White House’s pick to lead the ATF,  the letter stated that “it is unclear whether Chipman fully understands the technical details of firearms and the firearm markets he so eagerly looks to regulate.”

Joining Justin in signing the letter against Chipman were former Attorney General Edwin Meese III, American Constitutional Rights Union President Lori Roman, Advancing American Freedom Executive Director Paul Teller, Gun Owners of America Chairman Tim Macy, Campaign for Liberty Executive Director John McCardell and Congressman Chip Roy. Organizations are listed on the letter only for the purpose of identifying the signers.

To read the entire letter and see all of the signers, click here.

Author: David Almasi