The Democrat party has exposed itself for all to see. They are intolerant, hateful, uncompromising, and ruthless. The victory of Donald Trump has forced them The Democrat Party HATES AMERICAto come out of hiding and push their dictatorial will over us. They attack us, shoot us and threaten us. Can you imagine where we would be if they control the Justice Department, IRS, FBI, WhiteHouse, and Congress?

They have led us into a Coup and do not fear our anger. They believe we have been brainwashed, subdued and docile. They have not seen us fight back and do not think we have the will to resist them.

But they are wrong. WE do have the will but have been holding it back. At first, we looked at them like we do the crazy guy at the bus stop talking to himself. Everyone ignores him, not because he is powerful, but because he is crazy. His actions will only get worse because he thinks he is smart and wise. Well, now that crazy guy at the bus stop has gone too far.

Even their followers are turning and trying to stop this train wreck. But they cannot help it; they cannot stop it; it is in their nature to destroy. With democrats, there are only two Choices, suffer through it, or suffer in it. If you are tired of being scared, angry, and frustrated, then stop thinking of democrats as just the loyal opposition. They hate everything you love, and there is nothing about anything they stand for, which is not insane.

Join us at, and let’s free the democrat slaves.

Clarence A. Mason (aka Mason Weaver) .