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By Anders Hagstrom | FOX

Fox News projected Trump would win the New Hampshire primary just a few minutes after the final polls closed. The primary saw record turnout despite some predictions that low energy among voters would depress the vote.

Trump told Fox News Digital that he was “very honored” by the support he received from voters, and declared that the Republican Party was “very united” behind his candidacy.

When asked if he felt Haley would suspend her campaign, he said, “I don’t know. She should.”

“She should because, otherwise, we have to keep wasting money instead of spending on Biden,” Trump said. “If she doesn’t drop out, we have to waste money instead of spending it on Biden, which is our focus.”

Haley has nevertheless vowed to continue her campaign through the upcoming South Carolina primary. She served as governor of the state for two terms before joining President Trump’s administration as U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.

Author: Frances Rice