Ed Gillespie did not embrace his safe space (President Trump) and lost big in Virginia Tuesday. Turning off the base is not a good idea. Running against the president was running against prosperity, jobs, fair trade, security and the voters who elected Trump. You cannot have it both ways.

Gillespie catered to the established wing of the GOP. He utilized his RNC connections for fundraising and staffing. He did not ask Trump for help with robo-calls until the day before the election. Trying to walk the middle line fooled no one and insulted the intelligence of everyone.

The Gillespie gubernatorial campaign treated Trump supporters like the DNC treats black voters – basically told to shut up and vote. I wrote “It’s OK to Leave the Plantation” because I knew gaining freedom from Master was difficult. Master always tells you that freedom is scary, dangerous and unproductive. What the establishment means is that you cannot have freedom and they keep their power.

Warning to fake Republicans: We see little difference between you and Democrats. We know you want the establishment in power; we see your fear in the face of liberalism; and we know you will never govern. We truly understand your only interest is power, money and influence. You are irrelevant, you have no influence, and we question your loyalty.

Trump supporters understand we are also fighting the establishment at every turn. Establishment hacks would much rather lose elections than lose their power. If the pro-Trump power takes control, the establishment will no longer manage the money and the power of influence. The money will no longer flow through them. They will no longer be relevant. This is why they are fighting so hard to keep control. Even if Republicans lose power, they will still be in control of the fundraising, candidates and lobbyists’ money.

It’s personal. The establishment is trying to keep their jobs – that’s personal to them. We the People are just trying to keep control of our government – it is personal to us.

Draining the swamp will take time, Patriots. It’s going to require eight years of Trump plus eight years of Pence to see real progress. We have won the high ground, but not yet won the war. We control the presidency, court appointments, our borders and the finances. Soon we will complete the control over the FBI, IRS, CIA and the State Department. Liberals still control the noise and fake news. They still control our children in schools, and they still influence the public with fear and accusations.

We still need to pacify North Korea, confront a nuclear Iran, continue to exterminate ISIS and reel in unfair trade with our allies. Putting America back to work, allowing families to invest in their children and rebuilding our military will take years. These next few years we will have victories and defeats, but we will also have tremendous progress.

The idea of my grandchildren living under two or three Donald Trump Supreme Court justices is very heart-warming. The freedom parents will enjoy under vouchers will produce an entire generation of educated, motivated, patriotic Americans who understands their role as self-governed citizens. With tax savings, new business opportunities will stir the American ingenuity as we return to world dominance.

So, as the RINOs expose themselves to the voters, let us believe them, recognize them and replace them. They do not understand we mean business. They believe we can be led by them. I wish them well in their retirement as America returns to freedom and world domination.

The battle will continue, and we will win more than we lose. What drive us to our knees and to the polls was the prospect of the Clinton Cartel gaining control over our nation. We knew in our hearts the lifetime of pain, debt and lost of freedoms we’d experience had that happened.

It will take time for America to see more control over their health care, wages increasing, regulations reduced, gas prices lower and the stock market continue to grow. Success is negative to liberals because it doesn’t require their management. Success means freedom, and liberals believe we all need their control. This is why working with them is almost impossible. We Americans want the opposite results.

The elections of November, 2017 tells us a lot. If the Republicans want to win, they better run towards Trump and not against him. Run against Trump and we will run from you. Trump is our president. Trump represents our morals, and we are not going to support RINOs, fake Republicans or liberals.

The timid Republicans got their candidates in the primaries. They ran the campaign the media wanted them to run, against Trump. They enjoyed the praises of the looney left and ended up as it was always designed to end up – losing.

The American people have rejected old-school politics, higher taxes, government waste and the total control over our lives by government. The establishment is trying their best to survive and will use all of the tools in their possession. They will paint the picture of who can win, who is presidential and who is respected. It doesn’t matter, we will look at who stands for America, respects our military, honors the people and knows that no one is free unless all of us are free.

Donald Trump is our president, not because we believe in his principles. He is our president because he believes in our principles.